Writing Update

Herein I make massive apologies for my neglect. I've had a fantastically busy week, all of which deserves to be recounted. So we'll start with the biggest achievement of the week: I finished the first draft of my WWII romance, FLYGIRL, at 12:06AM on Thursday morning. The thing is a bloated, watery 109,153 words, or 384 pages. I'll begin edits...sometime. That depends on when other things fall into place, none of which I wish to mention for fear of The Jinx.

After my big casting party back in August when I asked you to help cast the hero and heroine, I can finally reveal the pictures I went with. Mind you, the men kept changing until Keven and I started watching "Battlestar Galactica," at which point the hero became Paratrooper Medic Helo. Nice. The heroine has always been Keira Knightly from Atonement, looking toward the sky.

In other writing news, I received my first review for SCOUNDREL'S KISS from Working Girl Reviews. Prickly heroine but delicious hero? Yeah, that sounds about right. I also got a surprise mention in Dorchester editor Leah Hultenschmidt's interview with Barbara Vey of Publisher's Weekly. I'm just about the only person she mentions who isn't a) a legend (Kinsale), b) currently huge (Thomas) or c) a Dorchester author (most everyone else), so I'm terribly flattered.

I'm working very hard to get my promotional ducks in a row, including a comprehensive blog tour list. This list will include all the opportunities throughout December and January when you'll be able to win a free copy of SCOUNDREL'S KISS. I already updated my workshops and conferences list, which you can see here in the right column. Some short, some long, some as far off as January of 2011. Fingers crossed I'm not a completely forgotten nobody by then!

Next week I'll be drafting a new project, but I haven't decided which that will be. South African historical to wrap up by Thanksgiving? That sounds right.

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