Halloween 2009

Both of the girls went on school field trips to autumn harvest places, Juliette to Borzinski's Farm and Ilsa to Apple Holler. I went with Ilsa this time, my first trip to Apple Holler even though she's gone three years in a row. It was cute and the kids had a good time. Great chocolate chip cookies! But I don't think I'd ever go there without a field trip. They've become so popular that they charge for parking and get super crowded, especially on the weekends. We lucked out in that our rescheduled day in mid-October was muddy but clear and sunny.

Ilsa wanted to use the same witch costume that she wore last year, a cool black and purple goth dress, but she wanted a wig too. Simple. We bought a black and white witchy wig. Ta-dah! Costume done. Juliette also wanted to be a witch and settled on the exact same style of costume, only hers was black and dark red. She also put out her own money to buy a giant witch hat rimmed with feathers. Both girls have black boots, tights and turtlenecks, so they were good to go. We even used my dark purple and dark red nail polish to match their dresses.

Juliette's school had a costume parade on Friday. I didn't go because Ilsa wasn't feeling well and it was raining out. Then on Saturday, Keven took the girls trick-or-treating while I made use of the citywide lack of kids and families in order to go grocery shopping. Good plan! They only trick-or-treated for about 90 minutes and came away with huge buckets full of candy. A good haul.

Then that night we went to Armitage's annual Terror on the Square. They made use of all the floors and both buildings, including the basements, to put on a really awesome haunted house, complete with strobe lights, musicians, and volunteer zombies from the upper grades. We skipped the family friendly first hour of the event--probably a mistake, in retrospect--and went to the full blown haunted house after 7pm. Mind you, both girls were going into and coming out of colds and had spent the afternoon running around for trick-or-treating. In other words they were tired.

And freaked out.

Granted, it was a damn spooky set-up! Ilsa lost it about a third of the way through, just when the first zombies appeared. She was hysterical, swinging wildly between laughing at them (when I tried to tickle them) and crying. The school's principal met us halfway and said she'd go ahead of us, telling the volunteers to tone it down as we came through. The guy manning the exist elevator even turned the lights on so that Ilsa would stay calm. Ah, well. Lesson learned. We'll just consider the admission fee our contribution to the school!

Afterward, Juliette was exceedingly quiet and Ilsa wouldn't stop talking. "The zombies were just Armitage kids dressed up. The mice in the corner were just toy mice. I wasn't scared." Ha! Hahahahaha! Juliette admitted to being scared and remained relatively quiet for the rest of the night. They just about passed out when we got home, with all of the day's resources used up. If we go back to Terror on the Square next year, we'll go during family hour--and probably on a different day than trick-or-treating, so they're not entirely exhausted.

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