Ilsa the Sickie Monster

Ilsa stayed home today and I took her to the doctor this afternoon. She has an ear infection, bronchial inflammation, and pink eye. Whee! After a trip to the pharmacist and $105 later, I got her home and stuffed her full of medicinal goodness. Her pediatrician says she'll be a completely rejuvenated kid by Thursday, which is, I'm guessing, the earliest she can return to school.

Ah, my week, how unpredictable you've become.

Hopefully we'll be all cleared up and better by the time we want to visit the Ritzemas in Milwaukee this Saturday, and if not by then, at least in time for Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, after returning from the doctor, the entire living room was made of cloud. It had transformed into a sauna while we were gone. I thought that the air vent must've become clogged, but it turned out to be a disconnected dryer hose. Back to Walgreens for duct tape!

Few people on this planet hate DIY chores more than I do, but it turns out that Juliette is one of them. Like father, like daughter! I asked her to hold the hose and help me with the tape. Five minutes proved enough time for her to ask three times if she could return to watching her show. I had to phrase things like: "Set the tape down and don't leave" or "Bring me the scissors and don't leave."

But now the dryer's fixed too. I keep patching and repairing today. Leaves little time for my big long to-do list. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow.

Oh, and if you haven't seen last night's episode of "Doctor Who," you'll be in for a treat once you do. It was brilliant.

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