Meet Ellen Connor

In the middle part of last year, my friend Ann Aguirre and I teamed up to co-write an apocalyptic paranormal romance called NIGHTFALL, the first of three in our proposed "Dark Age Dawning" trilogy. Lo and behold, after many months of waiting and contract thorns, we sold the trilogy to Penguin this afternoon. I am too happy for words. It really has been an amazing experience so far, and Ann and I are super excited to get back to work on writing MIDNIGHT and DAYBREAK. No word yet on release dates, but you can be sure that I'll keep you posted.

Why Ellen Connor, you might ask? We took our pseudonym from Ellen Ripley of Alien and Sarah Connor of The Terminator. Yes, we love our Old Skool heroines. May we kick ass for many years to come.

Our website is live. Go browse around its utter awesomeness, including book blurbs, excerpts, and a little more about how Ann and I have clicked creatively, such as this montage of our favorite pop culture inspirations!

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