Sicky Roundup

Last Tuesday, the girls and I stood in line for two hours so that the girls could get the H1N1 FluMist vaccine. Originally Kenosha County had scheduled something like a dozen free flu clinics to vaccinate against H1N1, but the nationwide shortage necessitated a change of plan. Turns out that last Tuesday's clinic was forecast as the last opportunity to get the vaccine until mid-December.

Rather than regret it later should one of them come down with H1N1, I decided to take the girls out there. I'm glad I didn't wait until Keven got out of work at 5pm; the parking lot at the high school was nearly full when we arrived at 4:30. The clinic was only going to give it to people 2-24 unless they were health care workers or had infants at home. This angered a lot of people who grumbled that they should have the vaccine too. I mean really, people! You'd rather vaccinate yourself first rather than leave enough for little kids? Idiots.

We endured standing outside in the cold, although the ongoing joke in line was that we'd wind up with pneumonia rather than the flu. Then we made it indoors and waited another hour. Afterward, I delivered on my "please be patient" promise and grabbed McDonald's take-out. The girls will need a follow-up FluMist dose in three weeks. Who knows if it will even be available at that time.

I'd think that their current illness was related to the live vaccine except that they both had mild coughs on Monday. Ilsa was at her worst on Thursday or Friday; Juliette hit her low point yesterday with a 102F fever and eyes that wouldn't stop leaking. She has such a strong histamine reaction when she gets sick that it looks like she's crying constantly. She hasn't had a fever since last night, so I'm hoping that means she'll be ready to head back to school tomorrow.

Otherwise, I have another round of injections for my foot on Thursday, which means I'll be out of commission, walking wise, until late November. It just hurts afterward, as if I have needles poking the outside arch of my foot. But it needs done. I haven't had a treatment since April. And I need to have a cavity filled tomorrow morning. Blech. Not the way I wanted to spend my week!

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