SYTYCD Week #2

Ah, here we go again with the judges in charge. Can anyone doubt that the results would've been different had the audience had a say? Cat was gorgeous in her shimmery gold nightie dress, and I hate, hate, hate the new opening sequence where they dance each other out of center stage. Lame.

Noelle & Russell (Jamal Sims; hiphop): I dislike props because they're radically distracting. The routine seemed long...like really long. He was very sharp and she kept up for the first minute, but then her lack of isolation really began to show. The duffed cartwheel was the final straw. Adam Shankman is just about the sanest, most awesome guy on the show. He gives marvelous critiques with such sincerity, and his intentions always come from an honest place of wanting the dancers to get better and better.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Mel & Tony; Viennese waltz): Where is Jason G? Where are Pasha and Anya? I'm getting tired of Mel and Tony doing two shows per week. Jakob's turns where he was on the outside and she spun on one leg seemed very hesitant, but the lifts were elegant and flowing. I didn't like all of the Latin flair accents because they interrupted the floating style. Jakob needed to lead with more command.

Bianca & Victor (Tasty Oreo...was it jazz or Broadway?): Bianca's performance sold it for me again. And Victor shouldn't do a split jeté after Jakob just did one! He can't compare. But overall...meh. Not bad and not memorable either. Did I mention how awesome Adam is? What other judge has gotten off his or her own high horse long enough to reference classic dance pieces, all in an effort to really educate and improve the dancers? Only Adam.

Mollee & Nathan (Nakul; Bollywood): Nathan did 13 pirouettes. He's mental. He had her on sharpness, but she had on a wonderfully believable serious face. I loved her performance quality. The ending was lovely (if only she hadn't hit her head on the sword on the way up). Mary said it was hard not to compare them to Katee & Joshua's Bollywood, but she obviously forgot Caitlyn and Jason from last season, which was also very good.

Channing & Philip (Mel & Tony; samba): If I could do one Latin dance, I'd do samba. I have cha-cha and rumba rhythm, but it would be seriously awesome to learn samba and see if my hips would cooperate. Oh, I feared for these two. Those lifts were awful. She had massive amounts of spaghetti arms, which made it difficult for him to lead. Blech.

Karen & Kevin (T&N; hiphop): Whoa, awesome. Karen is crazy good flygirl chic. They have wicked chemistry and their unison was magnificent. I hate it, though, when solid, masculine partners don't get the credit they deserve. I mean, could Karen have vamped it up with such convincing sexuality had she been dancing with Jakob? Or Philip? Nope. She needed a man, not a boy or a dishrag or a smiley dude, and Kevin delivered.

Kathryn & Legacy (Stacey; contemp): Oooooh, very nice. I had fears that it would be too much like Mia's amazing addiction piece from last season, but she and Stacey are very different in the lines they create. Legacy was beautifully convincing, and their partnering was perfect. Just stunning. I look forward to these two and Karen & Kevin next week. No one else has really grabbed me.

As an aside, I'm glad to see that the judges express their appreciation to the choreographers as it's warranted, such as their praise here for Stacey. Contrast that to how they critiqued Mel & Tony or even Wade, and how the Canadian judges "give a shout out" to every single choreographer for each routine. The judges here have been doing very well this season. They please me.

Pauline & Peter (Wade; jazz): Wade? WTF? No thanks. This didn't work for me on any level. Peter has no sharpness and he really doesn't connect with me, personality wise.

Ellenore & Ryan (Miriam and Leonardo; tango): Her center was off in a couple places, but I couldn't tell if it was her fault or his partnering. She also held her shoulders up in a way that looked stiff and unconvincing, so I couldn't go with the judges in saying that she nailed the tango attitude. For being such a tall, strong dude, Ryan seemed to mince along with some of his steps when he should have been striding. I will give mad mad props to their ability to stay with that routine despite her costume malfunction. Holy moly!

Noelle, who specializes in back bends...Victor, who specializes in being tall...Bianca, who specializes in being noisy and awesome...and Philip, who specializes in being noisy and bland. I hate how they're putting mics on the tappers. I mean, we get it. They tap. I don't need to hear the clicks at the expense of the music. I thought for sure it would be Noelle and Philip going home. Anyone doubt that Bianca would be staying had fans been voting? Boo.

But if you want to see a wicked tap number, you have to check out Everett's very risky "Oh...Canada" solo. Both Bianca and Philip were missing "and the crowd goes wild!!" factor that Everett provided with every performance.

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