SYTYCD Week #3

Cat looked wrapped in a lizard. Weird. Perhaps I was just in a grumpy mood last night because I'd lost work on a new scene, but the whole show was lackluster. I don't know if I'll keep any of these performances.

Karen & Kevin (Maria Torres' hustle): My favorite hustle was S3's Maria Torres' number with Lacey and Kameron, and this one didn't come close. The opening was a bit...boring? I kept waiting for it to happen. It finally came together at the end with a great finale (before the OOPS! recovery). They are both glorious hams, and he partnered her very well.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Mandy Moore's jazz): Mandy does love her 80s! Can't fault her there. Have I mentioned before that I hate props? Yes, I have. It felt inorganic and forced, and Nigel was very wrong about comparing it to the table number. Why do I dislike Ashleigh so much, a feeling in direct disproportion to how much the judges love her? And for those of you who can't let anything go when it doesn't compute, I had to look up the psoas muscle that Adam brought up. He's still incredible.

Pauline & Peter (JT & Tomas's quickstep): Oh, thank goodness we have new blood. I'm missing the old guard choreys something fierce, but it's always cool to see what new people bring to the show. This was an aggressive quickstep; they didn't pull punches when it came to close holds and footwork. Too bad the dancers couldn't deliver much more than a wink and a smile to do it justice.

Kathryn & Legacy (Andy B's Broadway): K&L should open a happy shop together. They just seem so genuinely sweet. The program was adorable (I think that was Adam's word too), but I won't be keeping it. To use an Aussie term, it was a bit "under." Awesome trust in the neat-o tricks, great energy, but not stellar.

Channing & Victor (Stacey's contemp): Lovely, as always. However unless Stacey gets dancers with a real sense of connection, her chorey just comes across as pretty and enjoyable, not moving. Compare the judges' reaction to these two as opposed to Kathryn and Legacy last week.

Ellenore & Ryan (Lil' C hiphop/krump): I smile to think what Russell would've done with this. E&R threw it on the ground and peed on it. Not good. But then, I can't remember a Lil' C routine I've ever adored.

Mollee & Nathan (Gustavo Vargas's salsa): Yay! Gustavo's here! He, like Stacey, comes to us from Canada, creating my favorite SYTYCD CA Latin numbers (Nico & Arassay's salsa and last season's Top 3 Guys). Good to see him here as a nice change of pace from Melanie & Tony. That said, trainwreck!! OMG, I don't remember the time I've seen dancers duff chorey so badly. That was just hideous. If they're not in the bottom three, we'll know how rabid their fans are.

Noelle & Russell (Sean's afro-jass): Yay! Sean's here! Another Canadian. He did TJ & Everett's awesome tap Braodway number last season. He's also done afro-jazz in Canada before, which I always enjoy. This was quality stuff--slinky, sharp, entertaining. Perhaps I'll rewatch it later to see if I was just overly grumpy and didn't give it enough credit at the time.

I wonder if this means they'll have US1's Blake McGrath, choreographer and occasional judge in Canada, back for a reunion with the US show sometime soon. Only if he does something fiery hot or super naughty.

If there's any justice, the Bottom Three will be Ellenore & Ryan, Channing & Victor, and Mollee & Nathan. Your thoughts?

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