SYTYCD Week #4

Cat's wrapped in aluminum. Wait, she's British. Cat's wrapped in aluminium.

Funny that they're looking back at when these dancers were kids. Ha! Some of their home videos are dated from when I was in college.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Tabitha and Napoleon hip-hop): Quality number. First I've really enjoyed of theirs. The choreography was sharp and edgy, and they delivered the emotion very well. I'm still not getting all the love for these two, because I don't connect with either, but at least I don't hate them anymore.

Karen & Kevin (Spencer Liff's Broadway): I wish they'd intro these choreographers, let us know what they've done or where they come from. Sometimes I know, but in this case I don't. Anyone? The cartwheel flip that Spencer and his assistant demonstrated in the package was left out, but K&K have always had trouble with lifts. That's where the packages do the dancers a disservice. It was cute but far too restrained. Very...ordinary? You could see the concentration on their faces. Bottom three.

Noelle & Russell (Eddie Simon's foxtrot): This was playful, charming, and featured a gorgeous lift sequence. Very nice. Russell's fouetté pirouette, which Nigel pointed out, was the highlight for me--he's so much more than "just a krumper." However, I'm afraid that even Russell's star power may not be enough to keep them out of the bottom three with such a (merely) pleasant number. The drama was high and very flashy tonight, which leaves their foxtrot at a disadvantage.

Channing & Victor (Tasty Oreo jazz): I completely agree with Adam regarding the song. It was distracting. The choreography was gorgeous, especially that jump sequence where she dropped down to him. Their double pirouettes matched beautifully, which proves that they're both excellent contemporary dancers. However, this particular routine is a great demonstration of the divide between jazz and contemporary dancers. True jazz dancers would've made it sharper, more exaggerated. Channing is this season's Caitlyn: athletic, beautiful, but fundamentally lacking in confidence. Bottom three is my guess.

Kathryn & Legacy (Tony Meredith's paso doble): Did Tony forget Melanie at home? Legacy's shoulders were a little hunched toward his ears, but his overall frame and shape were great. Very commanding. I wish they could've done without the final lift sequence because they had trouble there. The drama was fantastic. I loved the portion where he grabbed her skirt, she flew up into his arms, and they went straight into the close-hold promenade. And I like, too, that Mary pointed out that exact sequence. I'm not a schlub!

Ellenore & Ryan (Travis's contemporary): Travis can do no wrong. OMG. The boy is stellar. And Jamie from S3 was his assistant! She trained at his mom's studio for years and years, so that makes sense. As with Ashleigh and Jakob, this is the first time I haven't disliked them! But dude, Ryan's first performance as a kid? Wearing bunny ears and a tail is why dads don't let their boys go into dance!!

Mollee & Nathan (Laurieanne Gibson pop-jazz): Adam mentioned the synchronized movements but I didn't see that at all. They were all over the place, with a complete lack of confidence. The producers may have created a "dream team" in pairing these two, but they did them both a serious wrong. Neither has the maturity to help the other through. I can't imagine Nathan practicing in the lunchline, as they mentioned with Legacy. Both M&N wore expressions that read: "We're embarrassed by these old people."

Then again, maybe the judges were taking a different tactic. Last week's lambasting didn't work (a la S3's Cedric), so maybe some faint praise will do the trick. I wish these two were in the bottom three over either Channing & Victor or Noelle & Russell, but I just don't see that happening. Teen favorites are only eliminated in later weeks when grown-ups quit splitting the vote.

Your thoughts?

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