SYTYCD Week #5

Hi! I'm ducking out of my revision cave (yay!) before ducking back into my family holiday cave (yay!) to do a recap of last night's SYTYCD.


Ellenore & Ryan (Carla Heiny; lindy hop): Benji did chorey for a lindy in Canada last season and it sucked. He needs to stick to West Coast Swing. This, however, was awesome. It had a great amateur feel, but then Ellenore went right into a perfect double pirouette. The stamina was sky-high. Very enjoyable.

Kathryn & Legacy (Sonya; jazz): DUDE. Loved it. This was the gorgeous and effective blend of jazz technique and b-boy tricks, without the tricks overpowering the story. I especially liked Kathryn's slow struts contrasted with Legacy's twitchy walks--yet still synchronized. Wonderful.

Karen & Victory (Tony & Mel; tango): Oh, those costumes! I can't think of another style of dance that would allow them to actually demonstrate sexual chemistry. I missed seeing some flick kicks and other really sharp moves, but those opening and closing poses were fantastic.

Mollee & Nathan (Jamal Sims; hip-hop): They don't really "do" unison, do they? They're both so immature (read: not the same thing as "young") and don't give up ground to find a common pocket. Nice body locks from Nathan, but overall too "twee," as Nigel said. Do Americans know what that means now?

Noelle & Russell (Tony & Mel; samba): I still have serious samba envy. The ending seemed off; it continued without music. Maybe the lift went on too long? Her chest shimmies were very tight and her hips restrained. I agree with Adam in that it needed to be down and dirtier. Nice, but not a keeper.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Sonya; lyrical jazz): His flexibility makes me feel icky, so maybe that's why I didn't connect with this one. Too many contortionist tricks. With Legacy and Kathryn, it was Kathryn doing the flexibility poses. Here it was reversed. Meh.

Ellenore & Ryan (Spencer Liff; Broadway): I liked the restrained gravity to this. It was tense and slow without being boring. Ryan's height and carriage really pulled off the character, and I'm liking Ellenore more and more.

Kathryn & Legacy (Jean-Marc & France; Viennese waltz): Uh-oh. *looks out from between fingers, fearing trainwreck* Truly, they did the best they could but it kinda sucked. Kathryn held it down for them both.

Karen & Victor (Laurieanne Gibson; hip-hop): Sucked. Mary got it right: there was nothing to latch on to here. Bad chorey, meh dancing, no chemistry.

Mollee & Nathan (Tasty Oreo; can-can): Do the can can can!! It was cute and well done, but again with the friggin' unison! Two out of the three places where they needed to be in synch--the side-by-side high knee kicks and the finishing matched splits--were off. I was expecting more can-can-ocity, but maybe that's coz I've watched Moulin Rouge! too many times.

Noelle & Russell (Tasty Orea; contemporary): Katee is Tyce's assistant! Cool! Oh, this one brought me to tears. Isn't that funny, how routines affect each person differently? Absolutely beautiful.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Jean-Marc & France; cha-cha): I love Jean-Marc in very small doses. Judging for SYTYCD Canada is just...too much. Hated the make-me-barf spinning camera work. So distracting! The dance was cute, fun, and well done, although no one has better strutting cha-cha walks than Heidi, and no one can do sexy cha-cha better than Anya.

Bottom three: Ellenore & Ryan; Karen & Victor; Mollee & Nathan. Home...Karen and Victor. I'm looking forward to Shakira tonight. What did y'all think?

Have a great Thanksgiving if you're in the US!

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