Best of SYTYCD

This seasons best performances, as determined by me. I know a few will be on the recap show tonight, but I wonder how many?

Best Contemporary: I'm calling this one a tie between Ellenore & Jakob's "You Tore My Heart," by Sonya, and last night's "At This Moment," danced by Kathryn & Jakob and choreographed by Dwight & Desmond. I get to call it a tie because the Sonya piece is quirky and the D&D piece is emotional. My rules.

Honorable mentions go to the Travis wall routines danced by Bianca & Victor, Ellenore & Ryan, and Ashleigh & Ryan. I also adored Kathryn & Legacy's "Fear," as choreographed by Stacey Tookey, and "A Case of You" by Tasty Oreo, as danced by Noelle & Russell.

Best Jazz: Kathryn & Legacy's "So Deep," also by Sonya.

Best Hip-hop: Dave Scott's "Cavemen" as danced by Kathryn & Legacy, followed by three done by Tabitha and Napoleon: Karen & Kevin's "Car" routine, Jakob & Ashleigh's "Caught Cheating," and Noelle & Ryan's "Desk" number.

Best World: Kathryn & Ryan's cha-cha by Jason G., followed by Mollee & Nathan's Bollywood number by Nakul.

Best Solo: Legacy's Top 10 OMG mental "No Air"

Best Group: Wade's "Four Gangs"

Best Guest Performance: the Alvin Ailey trio

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