Christmas Eve Hello

The girls and I have picked up another cold bug. I give up. It's just gonna be a half-sick slog through till March. But at least we aren't out in the weather. The ice is pretty nasty here, and I wouldn't want to think about traveling today. My brother and his family will be coming over later this afternoon. Most of the cooking is done, but I still have some wrapping to do. Not too bad!

I'm SO VERY EXCITED to watch the new "Doctor Who" special on Saturday. Two more episodes with David Tennant. I'm sad only to see less of David Tennant on TV, but I'm not sad to see this doctor go. Russell T. Davies has set up the transition so well that I want the next regeneration. The 10th Doctor is irrevocably broken and, as a result, is absolutely heart-breaking. And color me curious with how Steven Moffat will guide the series from now on.

In SCOUNDREL'S KISS news, if you'd like a chance to win a copy, you can go to TJ Bennett's blog. She's posted my thoughts about being sick at Christmas, which was written back when we were all well! TJ draws a winner for a bag of goodies, including SCOUNDREL'S KISS and several other books by various authors. She'll be drawing the winner on Monday. Read the rules here.

Happy holidays to everyone! Be safe, be with friends and loved ones, be happy. That would be awesome.

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