Happy Birthday, Ilsa!

My baby girl turns six today. She's been so excited about it that yesterday she got sent to the office for being disruptive. Twice. At a Montessori. The whole point of a Montessori is to do what you want, so she must've been a little hellion.

Tonight we're going out to Red Lobster, her favorite, (plus I have a gift certificate!), and doing the cake-and-presents thing at home. She's also delivering cookies to all her school friends because the birthday child gets to bring in a treat for everyone. I'll provide details in the morning. There's one gift in particular that I wonder how she'll react...

In other news, Juliette participated in her winter concert last night. The combined kindergarten and first graders performed two songs. All very cute, especially the second graders. The fifth and sixth grade choir was the best--very pretty songs. I can't seem to upload the video of Juliette's to my computer, but I know I did it somehow for her concert back in May. I think I figured it out last night. I'll try to have it up later this evening.

Otherwise, I'm doing my best to cross everything off my huge work/holiday/birthday/chores list. Slowly, slowly, it's all coming together.

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