My Week Kicked Me in the Pants

Awww, kitty! It's the first image I found when looking up the word "exhausted." It's been a very busy week. I'm sitting down to take stock of it because I have one last chore to finish: folding the final load of laundry, which is still drying. Then tomorrow we'll be off to my parents' house for the week. That means I've been under a deadline. All that I wanted to get done before the holidays had to be completed by tonight. Ye olde kick in the pants!

On Monday, I was still feeling pretty rough, so I didn't go to my last Chicago North meeting of the year. Tuesday was all about errands: I volunteered at the school, baked cookies and bundled them as teacher gifts, did Christmas shopping, got my hair cut, and generally made short work of all the running around that I'd put off while sick. I also made The To-Do List of Doom!!

On that list? Finish Flawless. Heh. That would mean writing 15,000 words (roughly 70 pages) between Wednesday and tonight.

Wednesday was a great day for writing. I'd worn myself out with all the errands and re-pulled a muscle in my ribs--which I'd tweaked initially by coughing too much--so I sat with the cats on the couch and wrote all day. Five thousand words down! I also wrapped Ilsa's birthday presents and all of the Christmas presents. That evening, we went to the Winter Concert at Juliette's school. All very cute and generally feel-good. After the girls were in bed, I spent a good couple hours chipping away at the massive amounts of promo I still need to finish over the next two weeks.

I had another good day of writing and sitting on the couch when Thursday rolled around. Yay for five thousand more words! I was getting so close. Could I actually do all that I needed to do for family and holidays and still finish my draft? At that point, I couldn't imagine not finishing. How disappointed I would be with that looming over me for the holidays! Throughout the morning, I also baked two batches of Christmas cookies and bundled up all the last-minute gift packages I had to mail.

That evening, the girls and I picked up Keven from work and drove down to Gurnee, where we dined at Red Lobster. Not only is it one of the girls' favorite restaurants, but I had a gift certificate! We opened her presents there. She got a Spongebob Squarepants sticker/coloring book, a hidden picture book, a big book of kindergarten activities, Poor Puppy by Nick Bruel, the game Zingo, and a praying mantis pagoda. Yeah...we'll see how that goes. She was most excited about the praying mantis pagoda and the Spongebob book, which she snuck into bed with her that night.

After dinner, we drove to Christmas Lane here in Kenosha, which has the tradition of being decked out with holiday lights on all the houses. The girls got a real kick out of seeing so much. Our condos are nicely, demurely decorated, but holy moly, some people go all-out. I remember taking similar sight-seeing drives when my brother and I were young, so it was cool to pass that tradition down to my kids. This week we also watched the Baryshnikov version of The Nutcracker and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I think the only major Christmas flick I haven't seen yet this year is A Christmas Story, but we're saving that for when the girls can watch it at grandma and grandpa's house. Should be a hoot.

Friday, Ilsa had a half day. She got home and I'd only completed one scene. I had a chapter and a half to go! Luckily she's obsessed with the computer game SPORE now, so she spent the next four hours on my computer, which I worked from the couch using my Alphasmart. She would occasionally stop to come tell me what stage she'd unlocked, and I'd stop to get us snacks, but we were pretty much in our own worlds. Bizarre, but super productive. I finished the draft with five minutes left before I was to go pick up Juliette.


(Only this morning did I realize that I missed Juliette's follow-up appointment with her doctor. It was at 3:30 and I totally forgot. Whoops! Brain cramp.)

Today's been about chores. We scrubbed the condo from top to bottom. It took all day. I can't imagine trying to clean a bigger house. We live in 1200 sq. feet for a reason. We also finished up the last of the Christmas wrapping and did most of the stuff-gathering for the trip tomorrow. I did bills, updated my website, got Unusual Historicals sorted for the week, and baked the last batch of Christmas cookies. I'm about ready to collapse. But dang, just goes to show what I can accomplish in a week if I truly and completely devote myself to my goals!

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