Science for the Win!

Yesterday, Keven took the girls to the talk with Paul Sereno. As you can see from the picture, Juliette was brave enough to stand up and ask her question: "How can we tell female SuperCrocs from male ones?" Turns out it's about size, in that they believe the females were larger. Keven said there were about 150 people in attendance, so Juliette totally kicked butt in asking--with a microphone no less. Apparently Ilsa had wanted to ask a question too, and she was even waiting ahead of Juliette, but one of two things happened: either she chickened out (Keven's take) or her question was already asked (Ilsa's version). She'd wanted to know how long the SuperCroc's eggs were.

Oh, just how super, you ask? Here. It makes people look bite-sized.

Afterward, they got their picture taken with Dr. Sereno and he signed little dinosaur fact books for both. Because I promised we'd buy a frame if she got a picture, we'll be heading to Walgreen's this afternoon to pick one out. So cool. Props to Kev for finding out about the talk in the first place, and for venturing into downtown Chicago for his Sunday. They didn't get back home until 6:30.

One day it'll be all about Jonas Montana type idols, but for now their celebrity fascination is devoted to a paleontologist. I couldn't be more tickled.

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