SYTYCD Week #6

Holy crap. I'm still breathless from this absolutely mental episode. I haven't seen this many fantastic routines--a few of which will go down as classics--packed into one show since the first weeks each of S5 and S3. And wow, doesn't the show go quickly without the pre-dance packages? It really makes the choreographers work harder to get their vision across without the spoken intro. Let it all be said with dance!

Noelle & Ryan (Tab & Nap's hiphop): I am so much happier with Ryan if I just pretend he's Hugh Jackman. From a distance it totally works. This was cute and sexy. I likey. I'm shallow that way.

Ashleigh & Legacy (Garry Stewart's contemp): Done by SYTYCD contestants, Garry's work should look like this (as performed by Charlie & Talia of Aussie S2). This...wasn't close. I liked the effort, and it was interesting enough to hold my attention, but it wasn't fierce enough.

Kathryn & Nathan (Spencer Liff's Broadway): Very cute. However, I just watched White Christmas last week where, holy moly, Vera Ellen and John Brascia tore up the Bob Fosse choreography. There's just no comparison. Kathryn was wonderful to watch. Nathan, of course, couldn't match her for shit. He's more intent on showing off what he can do than actually performing with his partner.

Ellenore & Jakob (Mel & Tony's quickstep): Meh. Their feet weren't synchronized in several places, mostly through the fault of Ellenore. The concept was cheesy. I really feared for them after this number. But it was some serious quickstep chorey. Tough stuff.

Mollee & Russell (Mandy Moore's lyric jazz): It wouldn't be Mandy Moore without the 80s. There were some gorgeous lift sequences, but I didn't feel the chemistry. Russell was a pretty forklift. However, his wonderful partnering really showed how poorly Nathan worked with Molleeeeee all these weeks.

Noelle & Ryan (JT & Tomas's waltz): He has huge strides. I really think that male partnering makes or breaks Latin routines, and he did well. He balanced her perfectly over her supporting leg, showing her off nicely. The music was lovely and evocative. But did I feel the intense passion and connection that Pasha could bring to his waltz, or even Mark when he waltzed with Courtney? Nope.

Ashleigh & Legacy (Dave Scott's hiphop): What the hell boring POS was that? It's kinda insulting to give them something so basic, so charmless, so uninspired. I feel bad for Ashleigh (coz Legacy will be fine). I really think Dave Scott is better than that. Wonder what happened?

Kathryn & Nathan (Mel & Tony's rumba): Oh, fish-face boy. That's not what sexy looks like. And having good Latin carriage does not mean sticking out your tummy. Kathryn totally held him up. She was incredible, very committed.

Ellenore & Jakob (Sonya's contemporary): I have no words. That was mental. Perfection. An instant classic. I have goosebumps just thinking about it.

Noelle & Russell (Anya & Pasha's jive): OH! Mollee was totally channeling Anya's rear end. I missed seeing a bit of "the message" from Russell, but he did a great job of leading. Mollee had a lot to push off of. Totally fun and happy and energetic. Great way to end, especially considering that they had to come right after Ellenore & Jakob.

Here's a quick run-down of the solos...
Mollee: I've come to expect more from her solos. Unimpressed.
Russell: Fun how he can be intense, scary and intensely personable too.
Noelle: Pretty, with some innovative moves, but again--unimpressed.
Ryan: *wipes chin* That was very naughty.
Kathryn: Very pretty. The contemp stuff all starts to blend.
Nathan: He's an immature little kid, but he sure can pirouette.
Ellenore: Thank goodness for something different.
Legacy: OMGOMGOMGOMG. Mental.
Ashleigh: SuperSamba! But it looked a little sloppy.
Jakob: Totally showed Nathan where to stick it.

And all the parents who cry over how proud they are of their kids...they can just kiss my rear. *wipes tear*

OK, bottom three are...Noelle, Ashleigh and Kathryn, with Ashleigh going home, plus Nathan, Ryan and Russell, with Nathan going home. Your thoughts?

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