SYTYCD Week #7

OK, fine. If they're just gonna start making up rules on the fly, then just call it a variety program rather than a competition and be done with it. In previous instances of injured contestants (Jessica in S4 and Penny in AU2), they're done. They're out. Other dancers fill in, but there's no way that the injured contestant gets to have folks vote for their shiny personalities. Otherwise Penny would've won AU2. If Ashleigh makes it into the finale--and don't even get me started about the Top 6 being the finale!--then I call shenanigans.

Oh, Cat, why the gold one-piece hot-pants thing?

Kathryn & Ryan (Doriana's disco): Ryan dreams of disco? Really? These two were oddly unsynchronized, as if they'd learned the steps but hadn't practiced in front of a mirror together. I thought that Kathryn looked the more uncomfortable of the two, but neither of them really got into the loose, cheesy disco feel.

Mollee & Jakob (Jason's Viennese waltz): Jason is The Man. This was lovely and innovative. I was a little uncertain about the speed, and it would've looked fairly crappy with anyone but Jakob leading, but he did such a good job of staying light and still guiding Mollee so well. Weird when the dude is the more graceful and flexible of the pair!

Ellenore & Legacy (Travis's contemporary): This is the first of Travis's contemporaries that I haven't liked. The judges kept stressing the danger aspect, and maybe that was the disconnect. It was too dangerous--more like watching a stunt show than a dance. It was interesting but I wasn't moved.

Russell & Not-Ashleigh (Shane's hiphop): My DVR cut out (stoopid weather!) so I have no idea what this was like.

Kathryn & Ryan (Jason's cha-cha): Spicy and entertaining. Kathryn was extra flirtatious and very much in command, and yet Ryan kept the transitions smooth and natural. Jason really did have a great night of stellar pieces. I'll have to watch this one again.

Mollee & Jakob (Joey's Broadway): Mollee really is a whole different person with her new, post-Nathan partners. She's striking me as Kayla did last season in that she totally becomes her role. She's a blank slate to start with, which makes the choreography sit very easily on her. It's not like trying to make Legacy into a guy who can waltz. Mollee is a professional dancer. She's not meant to have a genuine personality--just the personality that's assigned to her. Jakob is very similar: skilled, great performer, but rather lacking in distinctive sparkle. I think that's why this routine worked. They could just be their characters.

Ellenore & Legacy (I refuse to call them "Nappy Tabs"): Meh. Boring, lacking in connection, and generally kinda...gimmicky? They needed better at this stage.

Russell & Not-Ashleigh (Nakul's Bollywood): Russell was both shown up by Nakul's assistant (in that she was so very, very sharp and in command of the movement), but also aided by her expertise (in that by her excelling, she made him look more competent). Ashleigh might have done fine, but she wouldn't have necessarily had the same flare that the "real thing" was able to provide for Russell. After all, despite the cameraman's attempt to have me do otherwise, most of my attention was drawn to her.

Solos, all in one word each:
Ashleigh: doped!
Jakob: bendy!
Mollee: DVR-fail!
Legacy: sweet!
Ellenore: jazzy!
Russell: goofy!
Kathryn: dynamic!
Ryan: schmatlzy!

I've given up predicting who's going home. As Iggy Pop said, "The rules are all wrong...every perversion is justified." So there's no telling how this will go down! People may actually prefer to vote in a woman who didn't dance rather than one who did. I tell you, it's dogs and cats living together. Instead I'll say who I'd like in the so-called finale: Kathryn, Mollee and Ellenore (naturally), plus Legacy, Russell and Jakob (just so the married folks can get the boot together).

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