SYTYCD Week #8

I'm going to do this wrap-up as quickly as they did this supposed finale. One hour? Really? The editing was so distracting.

Kathryn & Ryan (Jason G's samba): I still have major samba envy, coz I want to move like that! The opening was a little too complex and labored for my tastes, and the end had me wondering how many times she fell on her ass before she got it right. I want Kathryn or Russell to win.

Ellenore & Jakob (Tasty Oreo's Broadway): How does she make him seem less gay? It's amazing, their partnership. This was foxy and fun.

Ashleigh & Russell (Sonya's lyric jazz): I hated this version of a Jewel classic. Is she mining older material in lieu of new stuff? I had goosebumps throughout the dance, though. Could be because it's only 8F outside, but I'll be generous and say that it was emotion. Nigel needs to shut up about the shirtless guys. It's one of the wonders if watching dance!

Ellenore & Ryan (Garry Stewart's jazz): I loved her kneepads. Excellent and entertaining. Yet in an evening of overtly emotional performances, this one suffered from lack of tears-in-hankies.

Ashleigh & Jakob (Jean-Marc's foxtrot): They were oddly mismatched in the opening, to the point where I was thinking, "Wow, they had to get used to a virgin partnership and it's not sitting well on them." I'd totally forgotten the first five weeks of them working together. Forgettable.

Ellenore & Russell (Jason G's paso): More shirtless! God bless the wardrobe department. Very nice. They were convincing and well-matched. But again, it was all about the emotional pieces tonight. This won't help either of them.

Kathryn & Jakob (Dwight & Desmond's contemp): *sobs...rewinds...sobs again*

Ashleigh & Rysn (Travis's contemp): It's a rare night when a Travis Wall contemporary will get shown up, but it was tonight. This routine suffered from having to follow Kathryn & Jakob's *sobs*...that one. But when Ryan did the cradling motion and rocked her back and forth...*wipes tear* Assholes.

Kathryn & Russell (Tab & Nap's hip-hop): Cute, hard-hitting, and well synchronized. But if it's not lyrical hip-hop, the chorey rarely has the same impact for me as with other styles. Damn, Russell is good.

Basically, I'd like to see anyone but the married couple win it. I still protest that Ashleigh shouldn't be here. I'll put it down to Kathryn and Jakob, with Jakob joining his best friend Jeannine as America's Favorite Dancer.

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