Talk with Dr. Sereno

In our household, Dr. Paul Sereno of Northwestern University is a rock star. You see, he's a famous paleontologist. He discovered Supercroc, Nigersaurus, Suchomimus, and the oldest known dinosaur fossil, Eoraptor. Juliette could probably name more. Keven was looking up information about him and learned that he's debuting his newest documentary, When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs, at Northwestern this coming Sunday, then answering questions afterward.

Keven is going to take the girls out to lunch and then to the show. (I'd go, but I have a monthly writers meeting--and they'll have a great time just the three of them.) When Kev told Juliette this morning, she pantomimed fainting. Told you...total rock star. I'm excited to learn whether Juliette will be brave enough to ask a question--considering her performance in the year-end musical last year, I don't have too many doubts--and whether they can get a picture with him. That would be awesome.

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