Back to Life

I know I've used this blog post title before, but I always get Soul II Soul in my head when vacations are over. Back to life, back to reality...

Yesterday was pretty low for all of us. We were all major grumps, with the girls bickering like mad and Keven and I losing our tempers. Sixteen days of illness, holidays, and near housebound status had taken its toll. So we put them to bed early and got some rest ourselves.

This morning was dubious. Ilsa was psyched and well-rested. Juliette was...a teenager. OMG. The child must've been born in 1996 and I somehow lost track. But I think it was a carryover of the "I've had it with you people," because she was in a fabulous mood when she got out of school. I vote to keep the good-natured version, please!

We hit the library for new reading material, worked on homework, read aloud, and made dinner, and the girls even walked for a half hour each on the treadmill--at their demand! They just turned on "FairlyOdd Parents" and went to town. Keven and I had no choice, really, but to follow suit. No use having a 6-yo show us up!

I hope I can keep up this pace, if only for the five days of a work week. Then...blergh. Weekend sloth! Being active feels damn good after the holiday sickiness of this vacation we've endured.

I'm off to finish watching 9, which--as Keven and I suspected--is waaaay too violent and scary for the girls. They don't give cartoon movies a PG-13 rating for nothing. I just couldn't keep my eyes open last night after snuggling into bed and taking a co-Tylenol!

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