Go to Sleep!

For the last two days Juliette has woken up very early. Their normal wake-up time is when I pry them out of bed at 7:00, about two minutes after I've hit the alarm for the third time. But yesterday I woke up and found them both dressed and in the living room. Their bed was made. Juliette had woken Ilsa up specifically to make the bed. Ilsa's teacher later informed me that she had taken a nap after lunch and seemed particularly groggy. I'd be groggy too if my sibling poked me awake at 5:30!

So today...same thing. I had a weird dream so I happened to be awake around 5:30. I heard whispers in the other room. So I told Ilsa to get into my bed, where she is currently snoring as loudly as a backhoe's engine. Good thing Keven normally sleeps with me and is used to the sawing of proverbial logs. I don't know if Juliette went back to sleep. I'll know in a half hour when I wake them up. If she's anything like her father--which, holy moly, she is!--then she'll be lying there awake.

Poor kid. But stop it!

I'm one book away from finishing my RITA selections. I've also finished reading all of my Fire & Ice contest entries, but I haven't done the scoring and feedback inputs. That's awaiting me like a root canal.

Otherwise, my work has sorta...slowed down. In a good way. I'm working on writing one project, PORTRAIT OF SEDUCTION, and researching another--although that may have to wait. It's complicated and has a lot to do with a conversation I had yesterday. No details yet, but it's good news.

I think I'll retreat to the library today and log some serious word count. Probably a good thing that I got up early to finish up odds and ends online. That way I can nap this afternoon! Silly Juliette.

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Kelly McCrady said...

What clicked in their little brains at this age (Juliette and KT) to say that getting up super early is cool? Mine has been setting her alarm on her own for 6am so she can sneak downstairs to watch TV before school. One night I tucked her in and turned off her nightlight then checked the alarm--she'd set it for 5:30. I don't think so...I reset for 7. Mean mommy.