So I've been gone for ages and ages and ages. To all 14 of you who remain--hello! Now that the absolute mental craziness of promo month has passed, I'm back! Promise!

I've been super busy trying to revise a pair of manuscripts. One is lovely and is off hunting agents as we speak. The other will be finished today if I have to shoot my computer to do it--although that sounds counter-productive. I've also been working on a couple of varied projects, all of which has me bouncing around from WWII to medieval Tuscany.

Here's a very cool announcement: the novel formerly known as "Serenade" now has an official title. After the poll on Carina Press's blog has officially closed, I can say that the new title is SONG OF SEDUCTION. I've seen the absolutely breath-taking cover and can't wait to share it. I will as soon as I get the official OK. SONG OF SEDUCTION will be released in June.

The title was so inspiring that I pitched a sequel to my lovely editors, and it's been accepted for publication as well. Yay! Momma's back under contract! Here's the blurb for PORTRAIT OF SEDUCTION.
Hidden in Plain Sight...

Gifted painter Greta Zweig earns her keep by forging masterpieces, whereby wealthy families can hide the priceless originals. She yearns to be known for her own work, but her uncle, a destitute marquis, exploits her desire for an advantageous marriage.

Oliver Doerger, a German duke's bastard and former soldier, poses as a valet in order to further his half-brother's political career. But he longs to respected--not as a spy but as a member of society.

Stepping Out of the Shadows...

When someone begins marketing Greta's forgeries as originals, Oliver is drawn into her world of art and subterfuge. She will do anything to shield her family from scandal, even if that means resisting her improper attraction to the intense, surprising valet.

But the appearance of a charismatic grifter threatens to reveal a shameful debt from Oliver's past. Caught between love and duty, he must choose between honoring his loyalties and indulging in a passionate affair with Greta that could expose them both.
I have no idea when this will be coming out, but I'm thinking late fall or winter.

I hope to keep the good announcements coming through the next few months!

Otherwise, Juliette has been having a few issues at school. I think she's trying to figure out how she fits in this world. It's as much about her inherent personality as it is any behavioral concerns. Ilsa will be doing her preview day at Armitage next week, which should be cute. I'll post pictures of Ilsa in uniform on Facebook. Keven is plugging away at his work, and I still haven't seen Sherlock Holmes. Sad! But I do have a very social weekend to look forward to: coffee with a friend tomorrow morning, dinner out with more friends tomorrow night, and a meeting of Broken Writers on Sunday. Love my peeps.

Coming soon: My review of Drag Me to Hell and Moon. Poor Sam Rockwell, so neglected by the Oscar love!


Anthea Lawson said...

Gorgeous cover, Carrie! Elegant and sexy and musical all at once -- hm, sort of like the story. :)

Carrie Lofty said...

Thanks! I think it'll be officially released this week on the Carina website. I was just doing updates and got antsy to put it up :)