The only reason how I knew that Keven had planned anything is because I'd arranged a playdate for Ilsa today at 11am. He got a panicked look on his face as he figured if we'd be back in time. Up until then I'd only heard "save the 20th" as my advance warning. I'd assumed dinner and a movie.

Well that turned out to be true, just much more elaborate than I'd imagined. He arranged to have our friends Brad & Josie watch the girls overnight. Just having the luxury of childcare arranged in advance is pretty damn sweet. So we dropped off the girls around 2:30 on Saturday. Then we headed south. Apparently the movie theater in Gurnee is the only place for miles and miles that is still showing Sherlock Holmes. Yay! I finally got to see it! (Review coming tomorrow.) We were surprised to see that the theater was considerably packed for a two-month-old film. Maybe everyone looked around at the February line-up and thought...Sherlock!

After that we headed south again. He still wasn't giving up any details. I'd been convinced he was going to take me skiing, which would be great for him because he knows how. He's been threatening for ages to make me try it. But it was cold and miserable outside, and I was relieved to see that nothing more exerting than fine dining was in store.

We drove to Evanston and parked at the Hilton where we'd eventually stay the night. Then we walked to a place called the Davis Street Fishmarket. By this time it was nearing 7:30 and I was so hungry. Everything smelled marvelous. We ordered starters and a bottle of prosecco to share. Decadent! And the silly goose even had a little trio of roses in a glass vase delivered to our table. *sniffs with happiness*

Can I just say that filet mignon is the bestest beef cut there is?

Afterward we wandered around for a bit before realizing that I'd left my glasses at the restaurant. We checked into the hotel and headed back, stopping off at World Market before it closed to buy chocolate and wine. A local Borders even had two copies of SCOUNDREL'S KISS, which I signed. There's always time for stock signing!

The Hilton was lovely, and we even got the free cooked breakfast buffet come morning. (Notice how I skipped what happened between Borders and breakfast? Sure I write romance, but I fade to black for my own stories!) We drove home, got the kids, and made it back in time for Ilsa's playdate, which is taking place right now. Hopefully it'll be a fairly quiet Sunday of kids, laundry, Olympics, and reading.

What a lovely surprise from my favorite Valentine. Now it puts me in mind of getting back at him one day...


Zoe Archer said...

Aww, that's adorable and wonderful! What a great guy!

Gannon Carr said...

What a wonderful husband you have, Carrie!! Sounds like a lovely overnight date. :-)

Kelly McCrady said...

How perfectly romantic! Keven earned many many points for this one.