I redid my blog because Haloscan is shutting down. I'm going to lose all of my comments for the last three years. Yay! Sorry, everyone, but your pearls of wisdom and encouragement have all been flushed. Such is the internet...

The storm did turn pretty nasty in the end. I wasn't expecting it to amount to much, not after every forecaster in the Midwest has been freaking out twice weekly about storms that don't materialize. But as the winds really kicked up, I was glad to have the girls at home. Keven's work even shut early. Juliette had been scheduled to take a field trip to Milwaukee to see the symphony, so I liked not having to worry about her in a school bus.

That said, I do wish people would just chill. Keep calm and carry on.

I presented my workshop on elevator pitches to Chicago North on Monday night. Lucky that the storm held off long enough for me to go down there and get my teach on. It was a nice trial run, because I applied to the RWA national conference to do the same workshop in July. If it gets picked up, I'll know better now how to structure my time.

I'm really trying to be good about working when I'm supposed to, because suddenly there's a lot of television I want to watch. The Olympics will, of course, turn into a massive time suck. I'm starting "Survivor"'s latest all-stars season with my parents on Thursday. I've also started "America's Best Dance Crew," but I'm not sure I'm getting into it enough to stick with it. I'd like to watch all of "Sharpe" before the new episodes are shown on PBS in March and April. "Caprica" is boring me to sleep, but we're hanging in there. "Doctor Who" and the WWII mini-series "The Pacific" will also air in March, and my dance-obsessed critique partners and I are just starting a killer season of "SYTYCD Australia."

By that list, you'd think I never do anything else but watch TV!

I'm on book six out of eight for my RITA judging, having already finished my Golden Heart entries. Then I have local chapter judging to do too. Not so bad this year. They seem to be spaced out better. My editor will have final copy-edits for Song of Seduction back to me for the weekend. I'm 3K into Portrait of Seduction, which is going to be fun. Sit back and revisit a place I've already researched! Quaint! I'm using the lovely Bradley Cooper and Sophia Myles as my leads. They couldn't look more Germanic if they tried!

As for future projects, FLAWLESS is out trying to track me down an agent, and my WWII romance set in England, WRAP YOUR TROUBLES IN DREAMS, will be heading out the door this week. I took Jenn's suggestion to re-title it based on a Bing Crosby song. Here's a version of it, although I don't know why he's singing to a bunch of Hollywood Indians.


Amicacarmilla said...


You are basically writing 5 books at once! Incredible!

sula said...

ugh, snowpocalypse turned out to be for REAL over here in the virginia area. 2+ feet dumped on our heads over the weekend and then another half foot today plus 50mph winds creating blizzard conditions. i miss minnesota sometimes and their awesome road cleaning crews and equipment. sigh.

anyways, can't wait for the olympics. the winter games are my fav.

welcome to blogspot. ;)