My Monday is Discombobulated

Ilsa slept in until nearly 9:00 this morning. She and Juliette had a late night on Saturday, and then she went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon at a hellish place called Monkey Joe's. It's like Chuck E. Cheese but with bouncy castles instead of games or rides. So everywhere there were children intent on kicking one another in the face as they jumped and slid and climbed. I left Ilsa in the care of the birthday boy's mom because I couldn't stand two hours of watching my child be nearly brained at every turn. Out of sight, out of mind. It's better that way.

So after heading to the grocery store, I returned to pick her up. Her face was bright red--not from any injury, but from full-on physical exercise. She was drenched in sweat. I don't remember Ilsa ever planning that hard. To say that she was wiped out would be an understatement. Normally when she gets tired, she becomes fruity and slaphappy. Last night she didn't have the energy, and apparently she needed a few extra hours sleep to recover today.

I'm glad she doesn't have school. Montessori and KUSD have the day off. I don't know why. So I have Ilsa and Ella here with me today. This will force me to get some cleaning and research done. Then tomorrow I have to get on writing my proposal for PORTRAIT, consisting of writing and polishing the first three chapters and the synopsis. I have 2 1/2 chapters and the synopsis written, but they need a serious revision. That's due March 15, which is suddenly around the corner. Once my editor approves it, the completed MS will be due November 1.

Good thing the Olympics are over. I feel like I have a life back! Work in the evenings can resume! I will keep up with "Survivor," "America's Best Dance Crew" (why must Americans be hatin' on my Québécois homies?), and "Caprica," now that it's finally picked up steam. I've also been watching "SYTYCD AU," which--although it's fallen down on the promise of the initial Top 20 reveal--remains entertaining. The best I've seen of the competition shows, however, hasn't come from the young dancers.

Instead it was this performance by Anya and Pasha of US3. They've joined ballroom choreographer extraordinaire Jason Gilkison's cast of Burn the Floor, the repertoire of which includes the amazing rumba, shown below. Gilkison is known for his innovative ballroom chorey, especially seamless transitions into surprising lifts and tricks. In the hands of seasoned dancers and long-time partners--Anya and Pasha have been dancing together for twelve years--it just comes alive. I love to see how much success they've earned after less than three years in the public eye.

To indulge in a happy flashback, here's their audition for SYTYCD. The look of pure naughty joy on Dan Karaty's face is worth another watch! Oh, and this is a ballroom fusion routine they did last year for some show called Superstars of Dance. It's got cha-cha, rumba, samba, and basically sex.

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