Until now I've primarily used Facebook as a way to connect with friends and family. I am also friends with a number of industry types, from writers to bloggers to agents, but they're generally people I've worked with more extensively. I did this out of concern for privacy, and because I didn't always want to wonder, "Who's gonna read this status update?"

On Tuesday I took the time to create a Carrie Lofty fan page. It sounds hideous and pretentious, but I think that's because it's called a "fan page." No one ever says that having a website is pretentious. I think having a page on Facebook is just another way to cover all the promotional bases I can, such as having an updated Amazon page...my next big task!

So if you'd like, please consider "liking" my fan page. Just like with my Yahoo group, I won't be pestering anyone with tons of updates. Only the news and tasty stuff.

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