Juliette's Big Question

Today Juliette lost her front left upper tooth, which had been creeping me out with its hanging-on-by-a-thread grossness. She'd been holding out for it to fall out at school so she could get a tiny tooth treasure box to keep it in. Well, ta-dah! Apparently our friend Brad got the honor of being the teacher on hand when she twisted it sideways and got it stuck that way, pinned against the gum. I'm gonna hurl. It popped out just before the end of the school day and she got her precious treasure box. As was the case with all her other teeth, the adult tooth is about 1/4 poked out already. The baby ones just don't want to give it up!

But then came the big question at bedtime tonight. Here was our verbatim conversation:

Juliette: "Mommy, is the tooth fairy real?"
Me: "Do you want to know?"
J: "Because, um, it could be...that the parents just...give the money to the kids...um, when they're asleep."
M: "Do you want to know?"
J: "Do you know?"
M: "Yes."
long pause
M: "Do you want to know?"
longer pause
J:"I don't know."
M: "Well then, how about we talk about it tomorrow?"
K: "OK. I won't think about it anymore."

She's seven and stubbornly rational, which means she's been willfully suspending disbelief for as long as possible. I guess this is as far as it goes. Tomorrow she may ask again, or she may leave it be for another few weeks until the next tooth comes out. Either way it'll be interesting to see if she can keep it a secret from Ilsa.


Kelly McCrady said...

That is far more precious than how KT weasled the truth from me. One of her cousins spilled the beans, unknown to me. Upon the next tooth loss, she pinned me with a stare and said, "Mommy, you are the tooth fairy, arent' you?" and I confessed that yes, I was. She grinned and said, "That's what my cousin said!" *hangs head* "Just let me have my fun. Put the tooth in the box and get your quarter in the morning. Let Mommy have her barbaric tradition." She thinks me being the tooth fairy is funny. Yet she still believes in Santa.

Carrie Lofty said...

She still hasn't asked for more information. Ignorance is bliss...