End of the Year

For anyone with kids, you know that May and June can be wacky months. Teachers want to fit in last-minute projects and final assessments, while still maintaining a somewhat regular schedule. But these final days of the school year can also be the culmination of weeks, even months of preparation for big projects. Because the girls attend two different schools (at the moment), our schedules have been packed with these activities.

On Wednesday night I attended Juliette's Spring Fling concert. Ilsa was unfit for human company that evening, and Keven wasn't feeling well, so I took my video camera and played eyes-and-ears for the family. Lucky thing I did. Juliette's segment as part of the first grade class was, quite literally, two minutes long. I would've felt horrible dragging Keven and Ilsa out to sit through a 75-minute program, 2.6% of which was Juliette-based.

On Thursday, we attended our Montessori's annual end-of-year dinner and program. The kids practice for this for months, which is how long it takes to train 30 kids under the age of six to do anything together. This time was especially bittersweet for me because Ilsa has done this for three years in a row, now as a kindergartner. Her last year! Our last year as a Montessori family! Finding great schools for our girls has been a blessing, where I don't have to worry in the least when I drop them off in the morning. I'll miss this group of teachers immensely.

It's hard to imagine that Ilsa used to be one of those antsy three-years-olds who couldn't remember song lyrics on a bet, but she must've been. This time around, however, she was one of the front-and-center kindergartners, leading the way for the rest of the class. But by no means did she display the same take-charge militaristic leadership style that Juliette exemplified last year. The two boys, Luke and James, did their part to add volume if not melody to each song.

No, Ilsa provided comic stage presence. Is anyone surprised? She totally hammed it up. Any facial expression she could add, any hand movements they'd been taught--she showed off all of them. It probably helped that we were seated at the front row of tables, so Ilsa had a clear view of Juliette and performed to her almost exclusively. If my baby girl finds melody in her voice or rhythm in her steps, she'll be a crazy theatrical threat one day.

As the school year winds down, what activities have you been roped into? What traditions are you looking forward to repeating? Are there any (*sniff*) coming to an end?

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Kelly McCrady said...

I can't claim to have been "roped" into it, but the big end-of-year field trip I agreed to chaperone this year is to the Oregon Zoo, a two-hour drive away. The entire first and second grades are going. We'll be gone from 7:45 to 5:45 but it should be fun.