Field Day

Monday was a very hot day by the lake, which means it topped 80F. With the breeze, however, it was deliciously perfect. What a wonderful time to play outside all day! Juliette's school hosts an annual Field Day, where everyone takes part in simple competitions such as the 100-yard dash, softball throw, jump rope contest, water balloon toss, and three-legged race. Because everyone in the school is divided into two teams, either Sissis or Kukus, it's serious grudge match time, with even the teachers and administrators getting involved.

I had volunteered to help but never received any official duties, so Ilsa and I showed up with the intention of taking in the feel of the place before heading home. Ilsa was still gripped by Wii-fever and I had work to do. But standing around means pitching in. It's just a rule. So I wound up co-supervising the softball toss, and Ilsa worked as my ball fetcher. One of the eighth grade boys threw his softball about 200 feet--I say "about" because we only had tape measures up to 115 feet, and I paced off the rest. Impressive!

Juliette won the 100-yard dash among first graders, because she's about 300 feet taller than her classmates. It's wonderful that she came away with a victory on the day. She and her partner also came in fourth in the wheelbarrow race among K-2nd students. I don't know how she did on the rest of the events because of my softball obligation, but we'll learn the results at the awards ceremony on Wednesday morning.

After all the activities we ate lunch. The students headed back to school for an afternoon ice cream, and we headed home around 2:30. Such a long day, all outside and toasting under the sun! Like I said, I wasn't expecting to be out that long, but it was such fun. It's rare to see so many people working together and having so much spirited competition and laughter at the same time. I'm glad we got to be a part of it, and I'm even more glad I remembered to bring sunscreen!

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