A Quick Wii-Cap

It's been less than four days since we cracked opened our brand spankin' new Wii. We've been saving since late February, and I'm fairly certain that without our progress chart, Ilsa never would've believed in the day's eventual arrival. The only problem is that she expected to be fantastic at it right away--and she is, on most events and games. But every time she lost to Juliette or me on Friday night, she got very upset.

I tried to tell her that, of the four of us, she's the one most likely to excel. Juliette's enthusiasm is only passing. She's much more interested, as usual, with her storytelling and paper crafts. Keven and I are simply never going to devote the time to becoming Wii Player Par Excellence. Ilsa, however...she's six years old and obsessed with technology.

So here we are on not-quite-Day-Four and she just earned a first place finish on Mario Kart. I'm still better than she is at my beloved Mario Kart, but only for the next 18 hours or so. By the time Linda and Trevor arrive for their visit in late June, none of us will be able to keep up with her.

The only trouble is that the second controller is acting up. It's almost entirely unresponsive, and I've done all the online tricks about how to get it working properly. I owe Nintendo a phone call later this afternoon. Then I'll be able to race Ilsa head-to-head and get my butt kicked properly.

Otherwise, my birthday was fairly low-key. Everyone was too Wii-hypnotized. I took a nap. I had ice cream cake. Life is good. Thanks to Mom & Dad, I received a gift certificate to Bath & Body works, and Karen & Art gave me a gift certificate to Kiehl's. I've already spent that one! A mystery box of Dilettante Chocolates just arrived this morning, which I suspect came from my brother and his wife. They love this brand, which tips my thinking toward them despite no identifying paperwork in the box. Chocolate gnomes! I'm off to nosh a few right now--the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

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