Carina Guest Author: Inez Kelley

Next up among my fellow Carina Press authors is Inez Kelley, whose SALOME AT SUNRISE was released this week. Here's the blurb:

It's not nice to piss off Mother Nature...

Called to bring peace to Bryton's tortured soul, Salome is a spell, a windsinger with the power to harness the air. Commanding nature is far easier than handling her new charge. She offers him harmony while longing to sing a different tune, one of love and devotion. She can soothe him with song or touch but she can’t be human.

Bryton Haruk is the King's Might and His Law. Forced to watch his wife die by his enemy's hand, he turns his back on his destiny in grief and guilt. He has vowed to avenge her death and join her on the Otherside. No beautiful peacemaker is going to change his course...even if he is tempted to forget his pain in her arms.

A band of murderers plot to overthrow the kingdom and claim the land for themselves. The only thing standing in their way is one bitter man and the whispering wind.

Confession. I hated my hero in SALOME AT SUNRISE. Bryton first walked on page in MYLA BY MOONLIGHT and I thought, "Meh, whatever, throwaway character. He'll never get more than, what, two lines?" But he was a good foil for a hero I did love, Taric.

*lifts skirt* See that boot print? That is where Bryton kicked me in the ass for that thought. He has major page space in MYLA BY MOONLIGHT. Hell, he even...uhm...ahem, got lucky and fell in love. I figured that was enough to shut his redheaded, smart mouth up.


From the beginning, there was a small but rabidly loyal group of fellow writers who nagged and pleaded for Bryton's story. I refused. I didn't like the big turd for one thing. For another he is a ginger. Now, I am a ginger. I love red hair on a woman but really never found it attractive on a man. Thirdly, he has a mouth that mimics my own. (Trust me, I was once voted Most Likely to Make a Trucker Blush. I know curses).

But then, I listened to him. I listened as Bryton told me his story, his pain, his fears. I saw beyond his military discipline into the man that held honor more deeply than most men hold their religion. And I'd be damned if that big turd didn't make me fall in love with him. And I didn't like it.

My Carina Press editor Deborah Nemeth said this about him: "I love Bryton. He's the perfect hero: the super-honorable warrior with a wicked sense of humor and a filthy mouth, who loves passionately and wants to protect the weak."

Yeah, okay, so she is right but still... We have a love/hate relationship, he and I. I hate that he is so fascinating. He loves to spring surprise crap on me as I am typing. For example, I was working along nicely, minding my own business and he started nudging me. I ignored him. He growled. I ignored him more. (Hey, I have 6 yr old twin boys, I am good at ignoring stuff). But no one ignores Bryton. Words started pouring out and I stared at the screen saying, "WHAT THE #$%&@! What is this crap?"

It was and is a glimpse inside the mind and heart of a soldier that lost his love and his will to live without her. It is the story of tears, pain and redemption through a magic spell with eyes like infinity. It is a tale of not letting go but healing and learning to love again. It is SALOME AT SUNRISE, the birth of hope where none existed.

But I still think he's a turd. An amazing, wonderful, heroic turd.


Felicia Lind said...

"Heroic turd" - you'd have sold him to me with that comment alone even if I hadn't already liked him!

I think feeling that passionate about a character is great. It will translate onto the page.

Carrie Lofty said...

Inez, I had the same problem with Ada from SCOUNDREL'S KISS. She was the slightly villainous sister in my debut, WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS, so it was difficult getting to like her as she took on the role of heroine in her own right. But I remembered that old advice about how "the villain is the hero of his own story," which really helped me see her side of things.

Good luck with SALOME AT SUNRISE. I've been lovelysalome online in various incarnations for about 16 years now, so my fondness for the name is very high :)

Babette James said...

As one of your rabidly loyal followers, lol , I am so happy to cheer the release of Bryton's story. He's a wonderful hero. You made me cry and that's not easy to do! Hugs and congratulations!

Inez Kelley said...

*smooch* Thanks for the support ladies and if you like, I kinda posted nekkid pictures of Bryton here. http://everybodyneedsalittleromance.com/2010/06/22/welcome-inez-kelley/

Kelly McCrady said...

Wow, that's a way to intro a character! He sounds fascinating--the kind of man you cannot look away from. It's a true alpha who can make his author march to his orders LOL. Sounds like a good read and congrats on your debut with Carina.