Carina Guest Author: Kelly Lynn Parra

Today I'm continuing to feature fellow Carina Press authors as we celebrate the release of our books. Next up is Kelly Lynn Parra, whose romantic suspense novel CRIMINAL INSTINCT is available now wherever e-books are sold. So nice of her to make time to stop by and pretty up my blog!

Five years in prison or five years working as an undercover agent?

Not the easiest choice for Ana Moreno, who has a history of B and E convictions and a problem with authority. But it's a decision she and four other felons are willing to make to stay out of a jail cell.

When a deadly shipment of Ecstasy heads for San Francisco, Ana's team is sent to stop it. Ana's task: get close to the handsome and dangerous Jonas Saven, right-hand man of a suspected drug dealer with a deadly agenda. As Ana uncovers a web of secrets, betrayal and revenge, her heated attraction to Saven grows.

But with time running out to stop the dangerous drug lord, Ana must complete her mission--even if it costs her everything...

"Kelly Lynn Parra brings a distinctive voice and style to her intense suspense novels that sucks you in from page one and holds you prisoner." ~ NYT Bestselling Author Dianna Love

"Kelly Lynn Parra wrote a romantic suspense that hit the right note with me. I read it breathlessly from first to last page and the ending had my mind spinning." ~ Pearl's World of Romance

"As a suspense novel, there is plenty here that will keep readers guessing. The line between the good guys and bad guys is blurred, and no one is exactly as they seem." ~ RT Book Reviews


"You okay?" He walked to her and grabbed her chin with one hand. Her eyes narrowed.

He had a moment to realize her skin was soft like silk before she jerked from his grasp, distrust flickering across her soft features.

"Hands to yourself," she ordered. Her voice was low, and as smooth as the feel of her skin. "You...have a scratch beside your eye." Raising his hands in a gesture of surrender, he forced the smile he knew could draw in females in a heartbeat.

Not this time.

She raised a hand, hesitantly touching the scratch as she stepped slowly backwards toward her friend on the ground.

They were alone now. The big guy had run like hell the minute Jonas had grabbed his friend, and now the other idiot scrambled behind him. Let them go.
They weren't his concern.

She kneeled beside her friend. "Mouse, you all right?"

The kid moaned.

Jonas had witnessed grown men unable to keep their cool in an emergency situation. For someone who'd been through an assault, she seemed okay. No tears. She was physically tough, too. He'd been caught off guard when she flipped the guy over her and scrambled up to fight.

But she wasn't too smart. She'd picked the wrong guy's wallet.


Jonas shook his head. Out cold. "Does he need an ambulance?"

"Yeah." She nodded, the breeze causing a sweep of hair to veil her eyes.
He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed 9-1-1. It took some time to be connected, but he finally relayed the situation.

"They're on their way," he said, slipping the phone back into his pocket. When she didn't say anything, he cleared his throat. He wanted to ask about her connection to Dolini, but damn, with her guarded attitude it didn't look like he'd get much information. And now with cops on their way, Dolini wouldn't stick around.

"I need you to answer some questions," he said.

No answer.

Irritation flickered. "You were talking fine a minute ago."

She whipped her head up. "Excuse me for not being in a conversational mood." She offered him an expression of disgust. "I only answer questions if I feel like it."

Those green eyes taunted him.

"Well," he told her, "feel like it."

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