Carina Guest Author: Rebecca E. Grant

Next up among my fellow Carina Press authors is Rebecca E. Grant, whose contemporary cowboy romance LIBERTY STARR was released June 14. That means you can go buy a copy now! Here's the blurb:

Rafe had never met a truly irresistible woman, until he met Liberty...

Libby has the kind of beauty that comes on slow--strikes a guy the longer he looks. And Rafe sure is having a fine time looking, and touching, and loving Liberty Starr. The only problem is that Rafe is pretending to be just another cowboy down on his luck. Working for the FBI, he's come to Stone Hill, Colorado, to investigate the man Libby loves like a father.

He was just another cowboy...

Free-spirited Libby offers him a job and a place to stay. Together they spark like wildfire, their intense passion filling their days and nights. But Rafe is only in town for the summer, and while Liberty is willing to risk her heart, secrets threaten any possibility of a future together...

From Chapter Five

What would he do if she couldn't forgive him? He felt his face grow dark, and tossed his cigarette. When this job was over, he was going to have to give the dirty things up again. Reclaim his place with the nonsmokers. He sighed. Giving up cigarettes might not be the only thing he'd have to give up.

"Please, Rafe. Just try it out. If you don't like it for any reason, you can leave."

He took her by both arms and jerked her close. He wasn't rough, but he wasn't gentle, either. Her eyes widened in surprise.

"I'll do it. But only because you want me there. You do want me there, don't you?" What the hell was he saying? He was so off script.

He felt her arms close around his neck. Her body folded into his. Her breasts teased his torso. He couldn't stop himself. He kissed her the way he'd been dying to kiss her ever since the storm. He tried to keep his hands around her waist, but they were the devil's hands. He cupped her buttocks. When that wasn't enough, he slipped his hands under her shirt, teasing her breasts. Yet still it wasn't enough. He opened her shirt and took her breasts into his mouth one at a time, as if he were starving and only her body could save him.

He must stop. He had to stop. He couldn't keep his head straight around her. He tried to push her away, but even as he pushed her away, he pulled her back.

"Come with me." He wasn't sure if he'd said it, or if he only thought it. He had the tip of her shoulder in his mouth. She was pure ambrosia. He couldn't stop kissing her long enough to go anywhere, even though all he wanted was to get to her bed.

She stepped back and took his hand. "Come with me."


He was moody and unpredictable. She never knew if he was going to kiss her or avoid her. She knew they had chemistry because she could feel his body burn when she was around him. She knew he liked her because he was always going out of his way to help her. She also knew that she had a tendency to fall for underdogs. As a result, she learned early that sometimes underdogs are underdogs because they choose to be. Whenever she hooked up with one of those, she unhooked very quickly. Others, she'd actually managed to help before sending them on their way. Rafe was a breed unknown to her. And her body craved him as if he were a part of her.

She led him into her bedroom. He pulled her down on top of him.

"What if I told you I couldn't wait?"

She tried to ask him what he meant, but he wouldn't stop kissing her. He loosened her belt. "I can't wait another moment. Not another second." He yanked her jeans off. His hand slid between her legs. "I can't wait another moment to feel you." His fingers slipped into her. She moaned. Her moan caught on his tongue and he volleyed it back, matching her moan for moan. She was so ready for him it was all she could do to keep from begging him to fill her. But she couldn't speak because he would not relinquish her mouth.

His body was so tightly wrapped around hers, she didn't think he could find a way in. And then he was there. She gasped and spread her legs to let him fill her more.

"You are like a narcotic. My own personal habit. I just can't have a little." He ground into her. He was the perfect fit. "Every time I'm around you, I want more. Until I just want to be inside you." He pulled her closer and ground. "Deeper." He plunged. "And deeper." He plunged again. He moved her legs and drew his fingers across her until she begged him to finish it or keep going--she didn't know which she wanted more.

He pulled away, amplifying her need for him, and bent to kiss her breasts. "You are the most dangerous woman I've ever met." He drove into her like a man possessed, then matched his movement to hers until they found the rhythm of the ages and let the sound of their heartbeats pull them over the edge.


You can find Rebecca at her website, on her blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.


Liz Fichera said...

I've got Liberty Starr in my Nook, and I'm waiting for the perfect quiet Saturday to enjoy every single solitary word!

Patti Ann Colt said...

Saw the cover for this one over on Facebook and was hooked. Didn't even need the description. LOL. But now that I've read that, I am off to buy me some hot FBI cowboy. Yum!