Project Update

Now that the main push of promo for SONG OF SEDUCTION is over--you bought your copy, yes?--and the kids head off to camp today, I'm turning my attention back to writing. Yes, I know! Crazy! So what's up for me?

First off, I'll be finishing the first draft of PORTRAIT OF SEDUCTION, a sequel to SONG OF SEDUCTION, that features Venner's trusty yet mysterious valet, Oliver. PORTRAIT is due to my editors at Carina by November 1, but I'd like to have most of it taken care of by Nationals in late July. The expected release date will be early 2011. You can read the (temporary) blurb and an unedited excerpt here on my website.

Later this summer I'll also be working on SHAMELESS, the second of my two contracted books for Pocket--the first of which is FLAWLESS (temporary blurb and unedited excerpt here). SHAMELESS will be the second of the Christie family romances, where youngest sibling, Gwen, and her twin brother, Gareth, head off to Australia. Gwen falls for the master vintner who works a winery in the Hudson River Valley. I'm brainstorming with my editor on Friday, then starting the draft as soon as PORTRAIT is nailed down--likely early August. This is set for an early 2012 release.

Simultaneously, I'll be re-teaming with Ann Aguirre to draft the second of Ellen Connor's "Dark Age Dawning" trilogy. MIDNIGHT is a change of scenery for us both, heading from the Pacific northwest to the desert borderlands between the US and Mexico--very Mad Max. MIDNIGHT will hit the shelves in the second half of 2011, tentatively September.

And last but not least, I'm sneaking in a proposal for a new trilogy of very exciting (to me, anyway) books. These are historical, but they take me and my imagination to places I never thought I'd venture. I'll be sure to clue you in as soon as I make headway of any kind.

What are you working on this summer?


Verona St. James said...

Two summer school classes. One's an anthropological course on early colonization in California. The other will be an English course on the Beatnik generation.

I'm also going to be doing line edits on my contracted YA fantasy novel, I need to start my next MS, and I need to find a new apartment by August.

Safe to say I'm going to have a full summer. :)

Carrie Lofty said...

Your courses sound awesome, Verona. I took a course on pop culture of the 50s, so there was a lot of discussion of the Beatniks, but we didn't really get into lit analysis. I'd be curious, too, how an anthropological course about early Cali colonization would differ from a history course about the same subject. Good luck with keeping everything juggled successfully :)

Verona St. James said...

I think perhaps the anthropological approach is much more concerned with social interactions and patterns and causes, whereas historical would be more about the presentation of dates and events. Maybe?

We're basically doing two case studies, examining the CA missions and the Russian colony at Fort Ross. There've been some pretty dry readings, but on the whole it really is fascinating as you say. :) (and giving me some story ideas. Always a good thing!)

The Beatnik class starts in August. We'll see how that goes...