So You Think You Can Dance, Week Two

I didn't post last week because, well, I was lazy. It would've gone something like this: Alex is wonderful, Kent is adorable and win the whole shebang, and Melinda should've gone home. Oh, Billy Bell may be overrated--not as a technician, mind, but as a dancer able to evoke emotion. I'm concerned that the judges' tongue-bathing will ruin him as it has many other technically superior but boring dancers in the past, especially if the little kiddies have Kent and Alex to vote for. Plus, Kent has small-town factor!

OK, on to this week!

Cristina (w/ Pasha; Jean-Marc & France's paso): I could watch Pasha do paso doble all day. Every day. Yes, please! Cristina has a lovely energy and fire that meant she looked right standing up to him. She was a solid womanly presence. I liked the opening sequence with all the tricks, but I much preferred it when they got down to the hardcore dancing. Very nice. Very safe.

As an aside, I like that they're letting the All Stars stand with the contestants during the critique. While exile those we want to see??

Adechicke (w/ Allison; Mandy Moore's contemp): Mandy's work here was lovely, very elegant and fluid. I would've liked the camera work to be steadier to get a closer view of their faces. We were in the nose-bleeds for half the dance. Allison is amazing. I am falling in love with her this season, so mature and poised. Adechicke...ugh. Last week it was Kathryn's sexy vibe. This week it was Allison's adoring happiness. He deflects them like Wonder Woman's bracelets. Not safe.

Alex (w/ Lauren; Tasty's Broadway): I love the Fosse style, but not as filtered through Tyce. I just think Tyce's chorey and I have issues. I liked some of the poses--good shapes and unison. There was some nice cheekiness from Alex, but I liked what Adam said about a "lot of flash but no smolder." I still don't like Lauren's plastic face. But Alex is safe.

Ashley (w/ Mark; Travis's jazz): Could it be that the golden child, Travis Wall, was receiving criticism this week? Whoa! I really liked this routine and will probably be saving it to my collection, but that's because of Mark and his open shirt. I am shallow. He did a lovely job centering Ashley over her supporting leg, which just shows how marvelous he's become at partnering. The story of loving him, losing him, and wanting him back didn't come across at all. But Ashley's safe.

Billy (w/ Comfort; Lil C's krump): Oh no oh no oh no. Don't do that. Ever again. Billy almost held it together for the first 30 seconds, but that was just painful. Stop it. Whoa for Comfort + Lil C, tho. She kicked its ass. I'm hoping Billy isn't safe. He doesn't deserve to be this week.

Richard (w/ Anya; Jean-Marc & France's tango): I'll have to watch this one again, because I agreed with Mia. There was no zip, no chemistry. They were very sharp and together, with Anya as OMG sexy as always, but Richard wasn't doing it for me. All the connection he had with Courtney last week didn't show up on this dance. I think the boys have a helluva time partnering with such experienced female dancers because they have to come out and be THE MAN. But sometimes that's just not possible when their partners are so terribly experienced. I think he's safe.

Melinda (w/ Ade; Stacey's contemp): I love Stacey's work. LOVE. IT. But this is the first piece of hers that fell entire flat for me. I don't know what failed, other than Melinda being such a cold fish. I get no emotion off her at all. Notice that the judges discussed everything about the dance except how there was no heart? Boring and clinical. I hope she goes home.

Jose (w/ Kathryn; Nakul's Bollywood): This was such a hilarious train wreck. The boy done good. His effort and commitment trounced all over Billy's attempt at krump. Could Kathryn look any better? She was amazing. Jose is safe.

Lauren (w/ Dom; Tessandra Chavez): I really liked this. Great to see a new lyrical hip hop choreographer on the show. Dom was The Shit. I forgot how fabulous he can be when he puts away the clown and does his thang. Great emotion from them both. Lauren had wonderful sharpness and hard-hitting retraction. I got goosebumps from the whole piece. Very safe.

Oh, and Cat + Dom 4-ever.

Kent (w/ Courtney; Tasty's jazz): I wrote down, "Kent is a boy on the journey to becoming a man," just about when Cat said something very similar. Funny how Richard + Courtney and Kent + Anya last week produced such entertaining, believable results, but the switch in partners this week did none of them any favors. Chemistry is an indefinable mystery. I would've preferred Courtney's floofy skirt to be a little less floofy. Good enough to keep Kent on the path toward SYTYCD domination.


I give up. Melinda needs to be put down. But no. We get rid of Cristina, whose performance on Wednesday was stellar. Can you imagine Melinda performing that way with Pasha? Nope.

But let's get back to the voting results. I'm wondering if this "one goes home regardless of gender" issue may bite the producers even worse than the All Stars when it comes to format changes. What if, all these years, the votes have been going toward pretty young men by a ratio of 7-3? That would mean that even the worst of the boys--such as Adechike and Billy from the other night--have an automatic advantage over even the best of the girls. And what was up with the pity vote for Billy's krump. Gah. A bad nigh.

On one last aside, if the producers think they can get me to watch their guest performers by including the All Stars as back-up dancers...they're right. Mark shirtless. I already said I was shallow.


Tamara Hogan said...

I love watching Kent, but sensuality is an essential tool for an adult dancer, and he's not convincing me yet. That said, I bet the tweens are picking up the phone in droves.

Kent needs to get laid.

Carrie Lofty said...

And laid *properly*. Quickly. Make him a man :)

If you want more discussion, my facebook page is getting much more traffic about the topic!

etirv said...

Hi Carrie!

I agree, don't know why Melinda is still around!

New to FB, will hop on there, too!