Camp Update

The girls' have been hard at work. You'd think camp was relaxing, but I'm not so sure. They attend from 8am-4pm, which leaves Ilsa particularly tuckered out. She's like me and requires more sleep to begin with. Add heat and lots of activities for an especially tear-prone six-year-old. Part of it also has to do with the long days. It's hard to get to sleep when it's so bright out at 8pm!

Their camp theme last week was business, which meant a lemonade stand. They sussed out the cost of supplies, planned the flavors they would sell, made fliers, and passed them out to downtown businesses to be posted. They even planned what they would do with any profits. One half would go to our local Shalom Center, while the other half would be contributed toward a movie.

On the day of the lemonade sale, both Keven and I made a point of stopping by. They used a tent owned by the school. The girls both wore dresses for the occasion. Juliette's long hair in braids makes her look like something out of "Little House on the Prairie." After two hours of sales, the kids wound up making $78. Not bad! They had enough to go see a matinee of Despicable Me on Friday, and they delivered the money to the Shalom Center personally.

It might not have been the most accurate portrayal of how business works. (They were pretty much guaranteed to succeed with so many parents getting involved in the purchases.) But I liked how they were introduced to capital, advertising, and the notion of profit. Heady stuff for summer camp. This week is...the great outdoors!


Kelly McCrady said...

That's some serious lemonade sales. I'm assuming the businesses were supervised by the summer camp people. J and I did the lemonade stand--what were some of the things the other kids chose?

Carrie Lofty said...

That was the whole camp team's project, probably about eight kids. And yes, highly supervised. I think the eight kids brought in all their parents and parents' co-workers, so they had a built-in sales base :)