Just a reminder that I'll be in Orlando next week for the annual national conference of Romance Writers of America. I'll be participating in the "Reader for Life" book signing event, which features over 500 romance authors. All proceeds go to literacy charities.

I'll also be conducting two workshops. The first, titled "The Tiny Art of Elevator Pitches: How to Craft Them & How to Use Them," will be my first time teaching a solo workshop at Nationals. Eep! Here's the description:
Every word counts! If you've ever considered attending a conference, you've probably heard the term "elevator pitch," which is nothing more than a bare-bones summary of your novel. But reducing tens of thousands of words down to 30 or less can be difficult, daunting, and confusing. What to leave in? What to ignore? How to give it punch and drama?

I'll share the elevator pitches that got me in the door, as well as techniques for making them both concise and effective. Each student will be encouraged to share his or her pitch(es), and to identify the most important themes, details and character traits--the good stuff that will set your work apart. We'll also discuss how elevator pitches can help your career: from query letters and off-hand conversations, to finding your hook and focusing your writing before you even start!
That'll be held on Thursday, July 29 at 4:30-5:30 PM.

The second is a panel called "Beyond Britain: Writing, Selling and Promoting Unusual Historicals," and features myself, Zoe Archer, Jade Lee, Sherry Thomas, and my dear literary agent, Kevan Lyon. We'll be discussing how to write, sell and promote unusual historicals in today's romance market. That takes place on Friday, July 30th between 3:15-4:15 PM.

Please stop by an introduce yourself. I'd love to put faces to names!

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