So You Think You Can Dance, Week Five

We're getting that point again where just about the only thing I blog about is SYTYCD. But phooey on that. We make time for what's important to us! On to the recap...

Maybe it was the "no repeats" rule that had Anya dancing twice this week. Or maybe it was wanting Adechike and Billy to have to try ballroom. Whatever. Anya's hot and incredible and should be on every week. I'm convinced this season will be won by whichever kid is actually made of titanium. It's "favorite" by attrition!

Lauren (w/ Mark; Tahitian by Tiana): Man thighs! I know there were other aspects to this dance, but my eyes kept going back to Mark's thighs. The costumes were a bit distracting, in that I wanted to see more of their facial expressions, but whoa. What a dance!

Adechike (w/ Anya; salsa by Liz Lira): You know a dance must be pretty damn hard when Anya looked ready to drop by the end of it. When she did the slide down his body, you could see that she supported herself (above). That made me admire her super-strong abs, but not the dancing. Their unison and sharpness was off because he couldn't keep up. She was reaching for handholds that weren't there. It wound up looking way too acrobatic and nowhere close to sexy.

José (w/ Courtney; Joey's Broadway): I think the concept was interesting, but Courtney may as well have been a mannequin. She had so little input into the emotional connection--because of the concept, granted--that José was left on his own. The results were not spectacular. But damn, he has a wounded puppy face down to a science!

Robert (w/ Allison; Travis's contemp): I like how Robert was wearing Travis Clothes. Travis wore those same cargo shorts and checked shirts for so many solos in Season Two. I love their synchronicity during the very fast matched section. So tough! His center is naturally better but she was sharper overall. Although I'll watch it again and I got goosebumps, I don't know if that's because I always get goosebumps from "Fix You."

We interrupt this recap to feature David Tennant appreciating Coldplay during his stint guest hosting "Never Mind the Buzzcocks." Adorable.

Billy (w/ Anya; Louis's jive): I don't know what dance the judges were watching, but it wasn't this one. It was good enough. That's it. The jive needs to be razor sharp. Anya was all over that, but Billy wasn't even close. He kept stretching and taking his time over movements that should've been staccato and quick. She did manage to beat a marginal amount of sexy into him. Sad that it seemed to take so much work to accomplish!

Kent (w/ Neil; Tyce's Broadway): I generally loathe this sort of choreography. Let's play gay baseball! It really showed off Neil's acrobatic abilities, because he had it over Kent when it came to the big tricks. But the overall routine won me over. It was a fun blend of competition and happiness, embodying the spirit of gamesmanship in sport. (And as Cathleen pointed out, it was so cute at the end when Neil went to do a manly chest bump, but Kent gave him a huge bear hug instead.)

Lauren & Billy (Mandy's jazz): It was cute and groovy. Billy actually sold the looseness and swagger. They were very well connected. The advantage was that they came across as brother and sister. Billy didn't need to force the sexuality or romantic connection. Lauren has really come a long way in the competition already, and I expect her to be Kent's biggest rival for the prize now that Alex has gone home.

José (w/ Dom; Tab & Nap's breaking): Granted, none of the other dancers could do a José managed in this routine, but he certainly didn't keep up with Dominic. His strength is not there. He wasn't as fast or a sharp, and his tricks weren't as good. I think the reason why we haven't seen a paired breakdancing routine is that the unison is almost impossible to achieve. I have a goofy crush on Dominic. He's just so much fun.

Kent & Adechike (Dee's contemporary): I found this dance absolutely riveting. By the end of it, I was convinced that Kent was in love with the chair. How did he have chemistry with furniture? I think Adam mentioned that judging it was nearly impossible because the story took precedent. Obviously that's because they danced so well--technique and nitpicking come second to pure enjoyment. Kent was very emotional during the judges' comments. I think the dance infected him quite a lot.

On a side note, I find it interesting that Mia talked so much about liking boys. Personally, I like men. I'd say she was just being silly, but she really does have a preference for bendy young ones. I agree, however, that the three male-paired dances tonight were great to see. I approve!

Robert (w/ Kathryn; Doriana's disco): I hate disco so much. Or maybe I just hate Doriana's choreography. Robert pulled this off with an appropriate amount of cheese. It was fun and relatively sexy, without being overburdened with tricks. I like how Catherine uses her hair flips as a dangerous weapon.

I didn't pick my bottom three for this week because I really didn't know how it would all shake out. I wanted José to be in the bottom. He had a terrible night and deserved to be there. I just feared his fan base being so substantial as to make up for a poor performance. Glad to see that wasn't the case. Every week they're going to get off with second chances when their teammates keep breaking down. I wonder if that affects their mental game? Do they take fewer chances? Or are they all 18 and believe themselves invincible?

As for the rest of the results show, I quite liked the group routine. It's getting harder to tell the new contestants from the All-Stars, which makes more for cohesive dances. I loved seeing Comfort and Twitch perform their "Forever" again. As with all of the All-Stars who have performed memorable numbers from past seasons, they were incredibly sharp and so much better than even a few years ago. I predict that next week we'll see Lauren and Dom do their rumba.

The little jive kids were adorable but slightly creepy. I know they have to start out relatively young in order to be great by the time they find hormones, but they still look like bouncy child-adults. Weird. Rachel McLaren of Alvin Ailey probably wasn't too pleased that she fell out of her pirouette in the first five seconds, but I took it as a reminder of how difficult dance really is. If professionals can mess up...

What were your thoughts? My critique partner and I were split on Kent & Adechike's chair dance. How about you?


C2 said...

During the Tahitian dance, every time I could see Lauren's face she looked like she was about to start laughing. Maybe the feathers tickled? LOL She seemed to be having fun with it and enjoying herself.

I'm with you on the disco - that's a dance style we need to see? Srsly?

It's time for Jose to go. He's sweet and all but he's outgunned by the rest of them. A few years from now, if he keeps training...who knows?

Kristie (J) said...

I missed the first dance darn it all since I love Mark. I didn't think Jose was nearly as bad as the judges made him out to be but that might be because I have a cougarish crush on him. My sister who doesn't normally watch the show, pointed out that he has a bit of a Johnny Depp look about him.
I think my favourite was the Robert/Allison dance that Travis choreographed. Though I do wish the judges would hold back a bit in the hyperbole.

etirv said...

Still missing Alex!!! But favorite all-star Mark keeps me hooked!

I know this is a talent and endurance competition but I hope no one else gets injured and gets automatically eliminated from the show this week.