So You Think You Can Dance, Week Six

I was so bored by this week's episode and it's rather hokey results show that I cannot be bothered to do a complete recap. The whole thing was just so painful. Even the guest performances were lackluster, as was Lauren and Neil's revived Robson routine from season three. I was utterly...meh. Kent had an off night with some bad routines. Only Lauren came across looking fantastic in her hip-hop number with Twitch. Rock it, badass girl. Her samba was awful, although the worst number of the night was certainly the limp, passion-less paso doble by Jose and Adechike. Ugh. One of the worst routines of all time.

I think the judges really wanted to send home Jose, but to do so over Billy, who had not danced at all, must have seemed unfair. Hence the weirdo decision. Just go ahead and make things up, okay? It fits with the whole season and its funky format.

Your thoughts?

Otherwise, I'm off to Indiana this weekend, dropping off the girls with my mom and dad in preparation for Nationals. Back on Tuesday!

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Kristie (J) said...

I thought it very odd that Billy was cleared to dance, but chose not to. Surely he must have realized what he was risking.
And it's peculiar that this season it really is the judges that decide - I like it - but I don't. It is clear that they want to get rid of Jose and yes he does have less talent than the others but I'm really not a Billy fan.
And I will see you at Nationals!!