So You Think You Can Dance, Week Three

Here comes your recap! I don't have my notes, but I'm fairly sure my brain will manage some sort of recall.

Adechike (w/ Lauren; Dave Scott's hiphop): I think Dave Scott should do fun, quirky hip-hop all the time. One of the most memorable dances from last season was Legacy & Kathryn's caveman routine, which was Dave's. This wasn't nearly so memorable but I like the style and swagger. Adechicke managed to find some personality, which was a stunner considering his partner's consistently plastic expression. Lauren, how did you get this far? Adechike is safe this week.

Ashley (w/ Ade; Dee Caspary's contemp): This routine had two parts to me: flinging, and emotion. The two did not go together. I know Ade is a strong dude and he has that forklift issue to deal with, but I think the chorey was too frenetic to really get emotional about...until the last few bars. Then it slowed down and showcased the connection between Ashley and Ade, which was actually quite good. I hope she's safe. We need to keep a girl or two!

Robert (w/ Courtney; Sonya's jazz): It's faux-Mark! He doesn't quite have that something-something that Mark has when he molests the dance floor in that creepy awesome way. Robert just stayed on the creepier end of the spectrum. Not so much awesome. Considering that his tango wasn't strong enough to draw votes last week, I don't know if this one will either.

Melinda (w/ Pasha; Fabian Sanchez's salsa): Two out of three weeks now, Melinda has been paired with Pasha. Gah. It takes dedicated talent to make Pasha dance un-sexy. Go home already, Melinda! By the way, in eleven seasons of SYTYCD from the US, UK, Canada and Australia, I've never seen judges publicly admit to making the wrong decision about a contestant. That's pretty harsh.

Lauren (w/ Neil; Joey's Broadway): Whoa, that was risky! You'd think the costume department would put a flesh-colored fichu along a bodice that had any chance of busting loose on live TV! Neil was very gentlemanly and they played it all to their advantage. Lauren still comes across as slightly one-dimensional, but this was decent. I hope she stays too.

Billy (w/ Kathryn; Stacey's contemp): Wow, Kathryn was in a very dark and emotional place...and Billy couldn't go with her. He was too busy being Billy, He of the Bendy Body. Compare this to Kathryn's performance with Jakob last year--Jakob who was equally bendy yet able to partner with genuine emotion. I just don't rate Billy in this competition. We get one or two every year, those dancers who are technically brilliant but who can't produce the emotion needed to make the television format work for them. I hope he's bottom three.

Jose (w/ Anya; Dmitry's samba): He's still no Legacy, but Jose does have that rather humble, centered quality about him. He takes every challenge and just plows into it. I find it amusing when the judges are so impressed by performance quality and personality that they can't bear to dive into issues of technique. It's the opposite problem to someone like Billy. Anya gave Jose a lot of help here, centering herself and catching most of the hand-holds--leading him, in a sense. But it all worked. Although I can't imagine Jose sticking around to the finale, I'll enjoy each performance he has remaining.

Kent (w/ Allison; Mandy Moore's jazz): What? Mandy Moore not using an 80s song? I...I don't know what do say! But oh, Kent, this didn't work for me. On any level. I think he's ridiculously safe until the final two, but he shouldn't be for this effort.

Alex (w/ Twitch; Tab & Nap's hip-hop): First off, I love the idea of same-sex routines. Why not? They've been on the show before, and as long as they don't feature Alex doing samba with Pasha, I'm down with the equal use of our All Stars. (I also like that we're doing a retrospective of how the All Stars got where they did. Mark and Courtney are also too good for the "The Garden" now, they killed it so hard. Can't wait to see Anya and Pasha light fire to one another.)

But back to Alex. HOLY SHIT. That is all.

Results: I'm glad that Ashley and Lauren weren't even in danger. That shows there are enough votes to keep them in, at least for a little while and with the right routines. Billy and Robert needed wake-up calls. Good. And Melinda just needed to go home. Even better. I only feel bad for Cristina.


etirv said...

Always look forward to your weekly SYTYCD recap, thanks Carrie! Why is this show not #1 in its time slot? We're big fans of Hawaii boy and all-star Mark and each time I see Kathryn, I think of her amazing "At this Moment" dance with Jakob last season. Alex is unreal!

Carrie Lofty said...

That's the dance I linked to when talking about Billy. Jakob did such an amazing job of connecting with her in that dance, while Billy may as well have been dancing by himself. Gah. Lovin' Alex. I have from the beginning, when I got upset he wasn't able to join season five, but I was worried that he wouldn't be able to connect with the audience. He's done SUCH a great job! I'd love to see him do a really emotional waltz with Anya, or a lyrical hiphop piece that shows some grit and angsty depth outside of his contemp world.

Kristie (J) said...

I stayed up until 1:00 am just to watch Twitch and Alex again. Holy Shit is right!