Last Call on Workshop

Tomorrow is the last day to register for my online workshop for the Hearts Through History chapter of RWA. Titled "Beyond Research: Fact and Fiction for the Historical Romance Author," this course will be especially geared toward those of us who write historical romance. Here's the description:
Everyone knows that a good historical romance author does her homework, but a heap of trivia doesn't make for a steamy, sweet, compelling, tear-jerking, rip-roaring novel. How much detail is enough? What to keep and what to ditch?

And what the heck is "deep point of view" anyway?

Join us as we look at how to meld research and fiction, with the goal of selecting and integrating the best details to enhance character point of view. Designed and taught by a recovering historian, this workshop is geared toward the integration of historical detail. See how using character-specific details can make your fiction more memorable, endearing, emotional--every writer's goal!
Sign up here for the class, which runs August 8-21. It's $10 for Heart Through History members and $20 for all others. Hope to see you there!

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