Signing Off

This decision has been a long time coming, but I've decided to stop blogging.

I started this blog in the spring of 2005 when my daughters were little toddlers. We were living in Cincinnati. I had been unable to write (or read or think) since Ilsa's birth, but blogging was a gentle re-introduction to the creative thought process. I was especially keen on documenting our big move to Wisconsin, the girls' growth and changes, and my survey of movies, music, books, Shakespeare, and general auto-didactic tendencies.

That time has passed. The girls are on a much more even keel now. They change and grow and continue to astound me, but I no longer obsess about recording every move they make. They have their lives and I have mine. We're all so busy that the last thing I want impeding on our family time is the obligation to write it all down. This weekend, for instance, we finished up watching the last of the Back to the Future trilogy, went out for a late-night ice cream cone and wound up at the playground after dark. It was really a lovely time. I'd much rather be living those moments than stressing about how I haven't recorded such moments in a while.

Another concern is that I am becoming more of a public figure and the girls are becoming self-aware. I don't necessarily feel comfortable writing about some of their more personal issues anymore. The idea of whether or not a child should still use a binkie is more of a general baby-oriented parenting topic. The quandary about whether or not we should put Juliette into speech therapy for her disfluency is not really something I want to open up to public debate. And, in future years, such discussions might embarrass the hell out of her. Their lives are not mine to divulge willy-nilly anymore. In many respects, they're their own people now.

With regard to using the blog as a social network, it's had its day. I get little traffic here. I have more success with Twitter and Facebook, as well as connecting through workshops. I don't necessarily want to post about current or potential projects, in order to protect my work and ideas. And frankly, I reach a certain point where I'm all out of words. I must save my creativity and butt-in-chair time for my fiction. That wasn't always the case, but it is now. Neither do I want to blog about the movies I see or the concerts we attend. In the back of my mind I'm thinking, "Oh crap, I'll have to blog about this." Nope. I don't.

I'm probably writing so much about my reasons because it's been such a big part of my life for so long. I needed to give myself permission to close it down.

But I won't be off the net completely. Not only do I still make monthly appearances on Unusual Historicals, which continues to gain followers, but I'm joining a new authors' blog in September. It'll feature fellow WisRWA members Liz Kreger and Edie Ramer, plus Pocket author Michelle Diener--the three of whom co-founded Magical Musings. They've decided to make MM more reader friendly and open it up to non-paranormal content too. We'll be joined by Amy Atwell, who's repped by my agent, and Karin Tabke (aka Karin Harlow), who shares my editor at Pocket. It's like I already belong with these women. So that's an exciting kismet-style moment, very "one door closes, another opens." I'll be blogging there about once every two weeks, and I'll post link details to my Facebook, Twitter and newsgroup forums when I have them.

So...I guess that's it. I'm off to meet my word count goal, then fly kites with the girls.


Cara Wallace said...

It certainly sounds like you've made the right decision for you and your family. I hope you enjoy your pressure gauge's reading going down a bit. :)

Kristie (J) said...

I'm going to miss you blog :-( but I can understand your reason for signing off. Although I think I'm one of the few people in the universe who isn't on Face Book, I am on Twitter - and we have email. So it's not that we won't still connect :-)

But I've enjoyed you SYTYCD wrap-ups ever so much over the years.

mrsshukra said...

Hi Carrie, thank you so much... I've really enjoyed your blog especially your SYTYCD posts (used to comment as etirv) but it's reassuring to know you'll still be around. Take care!

Carrie Lofty said...

I may revisit the urge to recap SYTYCD next summer :)

Evangeline said...

I've loved visiting your blog--one of the few author blogs I remembered to visit on a regular basis--but I'm excited that more and better things have come your way. I look forward to your other social networking ventures!

Braine TS said...

It sounds fair and it can also be an exciting challenge and a great writing exercise for you. It sounds like your growing and your blog could grow with you.

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier, really appreciate it. Good luck with your writing and I hope you keep on writing even if it's about mundane things.

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