So You Think You Can Dance, Week Seven

Sorry about the delay. I only watched the show this evening, still recuperating from Nationals. Here it comes:

Kent & Anya (Jean-Marc and France's cha-cha): Is there anyone on the planet sexier than Anya? I'm glad Kent didn't get in her way, but I wasn't particularly watching him!

Robert & Kathryn (Stacey's contemp): Wow, but Kathryn was amazing. I remember criticism against her during the early parts of last season in that her performance quality was lacking. That is *such* a thing of the past. The expression on her face throughout was so magnificently torn. Robert was an amazing partner for her. His hands were there, reaching, ready to catch her every time. Their connection was beautiful and very intense. A great piece.

Adechike & Courtney (Tasty Oreo's jazz): None more mambo-rific! Very cute, mostly because no one can dislike Courtney when she dances with such adorability. Balls out, Adam? You funky, dirty man.

Jose & Comfort (hiphop by Marty Kudelka and Dana Wilson): Boring. Jose doesn't have enough swag to pull off such a groovy style. He's such a non-entity. I get the feeling that he isn't all there. The Zen attitude covers it up, but sometimes he's really not home.

Lauren & Allison (Tasty's Broadway): I hate this '50s jazz Hollywood style *so much*. Their unison was a little off in simple places, but they brought a ton of flair and personality and strength. Watch Lauren take the whole show away from Kent. She's become much better at taking criticism, as well—more open.

Billy & Ade (Stacey's contemp): That was weird and vaguely uncomfortable. I'm not sure I got it, which isn't generally a problem for me. Maybe that's because I'm entirely bored of Billy and skipped the informative package. I still don't get why Ade is an all-star, and this just seemed like an opportunity for Billy to flail around. This is probably the most divergent I've been with the judges' opinions since Mia's "dead daddy in heaven" dance back in season three.

Jose & Kent (Spencer's Broadway): Again with Jose needing swagger? They're just being mean tonight with all this Broadway. Zzzzzzz...

Lauren & Adechike (Jean-Marc and France's foxtrot): Low-key and classy. I became enamored of Lauren's back. Very sexy. I know she was dancing with a partner because she was being lifted and twirled, but holy rat whiskers, Adechike is dull.

Billy & Robert (Nakul's Bollywood): Billy's movements are so fluid and smooth that they completely ruin a style like this. He needs more sharpness and shtick. Robert did very well. I did like how Toni Redpath was drooling all over him. She was representing hetero women to counter Mia's preference for bendy boys. But that's about all I can say. It was another fantastically "meh" routine.

Yet another week with no Pasha, Mark or Dom. So very disappointing.

Group routine from the results show: Very cool, although it bothers me when I can't tell who everyone is. Can Sting please, please, please stop mucking about with his classics?

It was so much fun to see Lil' C dancing. No wonder he's been MIA from the judging panel and choreography. I'm sure the panel would still be on stage if they could move that well.

Lauren in the bottom three? Adechike and Robert make it into the Top Four of their own power? Cats and dogs living together? But bye, bye, boys. Jose and Billy deserved to go.


Stephanie Dray said...

That Billy should go home before Robert bothers me to no end. To my eyes, Robert is sloppy. I feel as if the judges keep him around because they fancy that he's manly.

However, if Billy had to go in order to get rid of Jose, I'm content! (His last solo was impressive though.)

Hate everything Tyce Diorio does.

For me, it's all about Kent and Lauren :P Thanks for the recap! I was jonesing.

Carrie Lofty said...

But aside from when the judges decided to send no one home, Robert hasn't been in the bottom three since week three. Billy, by contrast, has been in the bottom for the last FIVE weeks. With the judges doing all of the eliminations thus far, it's been one of the few decisions the voters have been active in making. They just don't like Billy. I'm not sad to see him go.

Ditto my Tyce loathing...