So You Think You Can Dance, Weeks Eight

Top Four group routine (Tasty Oreo's Broadway): Why does Tyce get to do chorey and still sit on the judging panel? I am simply not qualified to critique this style because I loathe it so much. The cutesy just bugs the shit out of me.

Wait, this isn't the finale? I dislike this season a great deal.

Lauren and Pasha (tango by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo): Yay for Pasha! And Lauren is the only contestant this season who even comes close to Anya. Wow. That was a gorgeous routine. Normally I dislike tango because of the faux anger; it always seems so terribly over the top. This kept all the fire and passion of the tango, but with so much control. It was deep, sultry and restrained, as if all the true nitty-gritty shagging was yet to come. Excellent.

Adam + Nigel 4-evah.

Adechike and All-Star Lauren (Sean's afro-jazz): I definitely see what they meant about Adechike's stiffness. He wasn't celebratory. I usually love Sean's afro-jazz because it's an excuse for the dancers to become so animated and frenetic. This wasn't close. Lauren looked great though.

Robert and Anya (Viennese waltz by Jonathan Roberts): They looked fantastic together. Very connected and elegant. I loved the lift where he intertwined his fingers along her lower back. Beautiful. And that's about the most generous I've heard Mia praise him this season.

I quite like Robert as a person. I wish I could connect with him a little more as a performer. He could be a great dancer and entertainer in a few years...

Keven liked Cat's hair because it looked morning-tousled.

Kent and Courtney (I still hate Doriana's disco): For all the tricks and wicked moves they managed, I can't figure why that was so dull. The most entertaining part of the whole routine was Kent's accidental double entendre. Mia, is squashy a word?

Kent is such a lovable dork.

Lauren and Ade (Sean's jazz): Not sure I liked the routine, but I loved their commitment to it. The wicked hand sequence had incredible unison. The whole thing lacked a certain chemistry, which I tend to blame on Ade. They just don't connect. It was also a bit frantic, in that not all of the moves had the chance to be as expressive as they could've been.

Adechike and Kathryn (Dwight and Desmond's contemp): Wow. He was completely outclassed, not only by Kathryn but by the choreography too. She was ripping parts out of herself out and thrusting them at Adechike, and he wasn't there to take them. We really shouldn't be at this point in the competition and still be talking about moving and growing. We should be in love with these people by now, not continuing to make excuses.

Robert and Dom (Tab & Napoleon's hip hop): My problem when the pairs are so mismatched is that my eye is drawn to the one who's doing it better. I couldn't help but watch Dom. He was amazing, so sharp and magnetic—absolutely psycho. Robert wasn't anywhere near his level (Adam was on crack thinking otherwise), but he had a really good night.

Kent and Neil (contemp by Travis): Ah, a lover's quarrel. Poor dudes, having to fight out their love affair in public. Fantastic stuff. Truly. They are so well matched, physically and in their technical abilities. Their unison was exquisite. And may I just say, it's a wonderful thing to see such a routine on America television. There have been so many wonderful male-male performances this year, which just goes to show how far this show has pushed boundaries. To see these men dancing together in such a raw and intimate way—not necessary sexual, but certainly deeply personal—is a remarkable gift.

Where is Mark????

Adechike needs to go home. Robert may be a spoiler for poor Lauren if last week's results were anything to go by...

The group routine was lovely. I guess they've given up on using the contestants; they're probably exhausted and near to being broken. Courtney, Kathryn and Allison make All-Star Lauren look sloppy as hell. I loved the song. Will have to look it up.

Cat...so beautiful.

Janelle Monae, whose work I'll have to check out, was fairly incredible, as was Desmond Richardson. And no one except Robert looked particularly surprised to hear Adechike was going home. The judges could've tried just a teensy bit harder to look upset. I'm really looking forward to Canada's season, which starts on Sunday.


mrsshukra said...

In the Pasha/Lauren number, I actually thought Pasha was dancing with Anya! Wasn't paying attention, looked like Anya, danced like her and assumed it was Anya... until Lauren's name was announced.

It will be between Kent or Lauren in the finals... but I can't help wishing Alex was still around.

Also look for Mark Kanemura every week!

Can't wait for the Glee episode that Adam Shankman will direct!

Carrie Lofty said...

Here and on my facebook page, I keep hearing those same thots echoed: Lauren was channeling Anya, we still miss Alex, and where the heck is Mark?? :)

Stephanie Dray said...

I think using the all-stars is a huge mistake. They almost always outclass the contestants. They're a distraction, and I think that half of the drama was rooting for a strange partnership of people out of their element. The heart of the show is missing, and they've half-killed the dancers. However, not having to watch Jose be praised for his sub-par performances will make the show a lot better for me!

It's all Kent and Lauren for me, and I think I'm going to have to go with the girl. :)

Anonymous said...

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