Book Reviews

Age of Reason, The (Sartre; 1945)
Anja the Liar (Moran; 2003)
As I Lay Dying (Faulkner; 1930)
Awakening, The (Chopin; 1899)
Bed of Roses (Stone; 1998)
Beyond Breathless (O'Reilly; 2007)
Bono, in Conversation... (Assayas; 2005)
Book of True Desires, The (Krahn, 2006)
Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child (Schor; 2005)
Brave New World (Huxley; 1932)
Bride from Odessa, The (Cozarinsky; 2004)
Captives of the Night (Chase; 1994)
Castle of the Wolf (Schwab; 2007)
Circle in the Water (Wiggs; 1994)
Clockwork (Pullman; 1996)
Dark Garden, The (Bradley; 2007)
Days of Abandonment, The (Ferrante; 2002)
Devil's Waltz, The (Stuart; 2006)
Driven (Kenin; 2007)
Duke of Shadows, The (Duran; 2008)
Eden Burning (Lowell; 2002)
"Ember" (Sharpe; 2007)
Émilie's Voice (Dunlap; 2005)
Gardens of Kyoto, The (Walbert; 2001)
Gift, The (Roberts; 2007)
Grimspace (Aguirre; 2008)
Handmaid's Tale, The (Atwood; 1985)
Harlot's Daughter, The (Gifford; 2007)
His Wicked Kiss (Foley; 2006)
Home at Last (Stone; 1999)
I Do, I Do, I Do (Osborne; 2000)
If His Kiss is Wicked (Goodman; 2007)
In Sunlight, in a Beautiful Garden (Cambor; 2001)
It's Not About the Accent (Ferrer; 2007)
Kind of Love that Saves You, The (Yurk; 2000)
Light in August (Faulkner; 1932)
Lighthorseman, The (Jones; 2006)
"Like a Thief in the Night" (Sharpe; 2008)
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The (Lewis; 1950)
Lord of Scoundrels (Chase; 1995)
Lord Perfect (Chase; 2006)
Mercy Room, The (Rozier; 2006)
Miranda (Wiggs; 1996)
Miss Wonderful (Chase; 2004)
Mr. Impossible (Chase; 2005)
Nightcap (O'Reilly; 2008)
Night in Eden (Proctor; 1997)
Nobody's Darling (Medeiros; 1998)
On Chesil Beach (McEwan; 2007)
Only with Your Love (Kleypas; 1992)
Outsider, The (Williamson; 1996)
Passion of Artemisia, The (Vreeland; 2002)
Penelopiad, The (Atwood; 2005)
Perfidia (McKendrick; 2007)
Pleasure of Eliza Lynch, The (Enright; 2003)
Reluctant Rogue, The (Powell; 2003)
Runaway (Munro; 2004)
Sex, Straight Up (O'Reilly; 2008)
Shaken and Stirred (O'Reilly; 2008)
Sights Unseen (Gibbons; 1995)
Simple Jess (Morsi; 1996)
Sleeping with Schubert (Marson; 2004)
Somebody to Love (Rothwell; 2004)
Somebody Wonderful (Rothwell; 2004)
Sound and the Fury, The (Faulkner; 1929)
Stranger in My Arms (Kleypas; 1998)
Sweet Agony (Huston; 2001)
Sword & the Sheath, The (Vanak; 2007)
Talking to the Dead (Dunmore; 1997)
Thief of Hearts (Stone; 1999)
Time Traveler's Wife, The (Niffenegger; 2004)
Vampire Queen's Servant, The (Hill; 2007)
Virgin's Knot, The (Payne; 2002)
Wolf Pit, The (Youmans; 2001)
World Without Us, The (Weisman; 2007)